Tuesday, March 15, 2022


 Thankful Thursday

I am repeating myself at my blogs today but March 16th is the anniversary of the loss of my best feline friend Boots. He was a beautiful fellow from the day he was ours until he passed away and was a great feline loss for me. I am never going to get over him. He was my pal, he acted like a dog unless he did not want his photo taken. Bottom right photo. He was a stubborn gentleman cat. Classy, kind, friendly and a true friend. He would give Jeremy the business when Jeremy had this lower level bedroom. He would go to bed and his dresser was next to the light switch. Boots would lay in wait, hop on that dresser and somehow flip that light on. This would go on for ten minutes every night until Jeremy decided to shut his door. Boots was a character. I miss you today as much as I missed  when I had to say goodbye ten years ago. 

Rose would have had a birthday today March 16 , 2022 but she went over the Rainbow Bridge in 2019. We had a sad year that year. Too many beautiful fur babies left us. But Rose was first class. She adored Boots and she groomed him the day he passed away. She knew he was such a gentleman and he would have done the same thing for her. They were pals. She had been a tiny kitten when she joined us. Boots was an all knowing feline. They became fast friends. Everyone has a story, even these sweet felines. I like to think Boots and Rose are running free on the other side. Miss them so much.

"Cats can work out mathematically the exact place to sit that will cause the most inconvenience. " Poet Pam Brown

Pam Brown must have had a cat like my Mister Kitty a/k/a Tiger, Mister Tomkins . He makes life most inconvenient but at night when he nestles into bed, he is most annoying positioning himself so I have to swing my feet across to Avery's side of the bed. He knows all about Boots and Rose because I remind him everyday.

Thankful that all these felines came into my life. 


Brian said...

Hugs as you remember those beautiful sweeties, today and every day. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

pilch92 said...

We never forget those we loved. Boots and Rose sound very special. XO

Sandee said...

Two beautiful kitties to remember. Big healing hugs.

Have a blessed Thankful Thursday. Big hug. ♥