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Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Veteran's Day

I have had a tough day with a bad headache but I think I was having a reaction to some topical cream the Derm Dr. gave me for my Rosacea. Nothing seems to help. I am going to research some home remedies. Maybe something simple will help.
 Lots of wonderful people posted about Veteran's Day and put up photos of their own relatives who had served. I have a long list. I wish I had all my photos but one of these days I am going to scan them all so they will be readily available. My Uncle Tom Binder who grew up in Yankton, South Dakota was in the Army Air Corp. My Uncle Edward "Munson" Trontel served as well in the U.S. Army. They both were in WWII. My dear Tata Rose, my grandmothers younger sister sent her husband off to WWI. My late brother-in-law Gary Ricklefs served in the Korean War in the U.S. Army. My sister Mary's ex husband, Bob Hoffert went to Vietnam. My sister lost many high school classmates and I found them all on the traveling wall a few years ago for her. My mom's cousin, Hedwig, in the photo on my header (she is the taller girl) lost her only son, a U.S. Marine in Vietnam. My late cousin Jesse Hoskins passed away from the effects of Agent Orange when he was a young man in his thirties. My girlfriend Kathy O'Gane, her sister Marlene and their late brother Michael all served in the U.S. Navy. My late father-in-law was at Pearl Harbor in a submarine with the U.S. Navy and my grandmothers cousin Frances lost her only son Bruce during WWII.  My hubby's uncles served in the Air force (Uncle Virgil) and Bud and Duane served in several different branches of the military. My son Jeremy's good friend Ben is in the US Air Force and our daughters Rebekah and Hannah recently reunited with their good friend Dan after he served 8 years with the U.S. Navy.  My husband's cousin Carolyn served as a nurse in the US Army at Desert Storm. To those who served thank you. Many have gone before us but I tip my hat to you if you served. I have said it before and I will say it again I do not believe you should be able to serve in our government political ring unless you have also served your country. Our country is currently in such a disgraceful state it is absolutely sad. Then you hear people like Tom Cruise mouth off about how hard he works in a day of filming. Crawl in a fox hole Cruise and watch your best buddy die and then come back and tell us your glory stories!

Some words to a favorite song and I will end hoping you have stopped by Sally's and joined more blue over there.

The Battle Hymn of the Republic by Andy Williams. I remember when I was just a kid that he sang this song at the funeral of Robert F. Kennedy and my dad had the 45 RPM record of it. Good memories.

Thank a Vet for your freedom and not just on this holiday.


SmilingSally said...

Hi Anne,

I'm thankful to the many veterans, including my husband. I didn't include this thought because I felt it might seem disrespectful next to the bee story.

Happy Blue Monday!

Dewena Callis said...

Listening to Andy Williams sing this powerful song was a good way to end my day before going to bed. You do have a long list of Veterans to be proud of. Thank God for each of them. My father always insisted on us observing Veterans Day. Even when we were grown with children he would write us a letter reminding us of its importance.

I have had rosacea for years and used the Rx cream for it. A month ago I stopped because the pharmacist told me I should not be out in the sun because I would have serious flu-like symptoms. No wonder I always felt that I was coming down with the flu! I need to go back to dr. and ask what else I can do now because I need to be out in the sun some. Let me know if you find something safe that works.

jeannettestgermain said...

Wow, all these people in your family who served! That's a great heritage:)

Betty Luckhurst said...

There is certainly a lot to be thankful for, knowing there are people who are willing to sacrifice for others. Thanks for your great post.

Anni said...

We are in so different parts of the world, live so differnt lifes and still we share the same earth. Amazing.

Ileana said...

Great song! Great post! Be proud of your family!

Chatty Crone said...

I thank all the Veterans for their service. Hope you are doing okay.
Love, sandie

Marilyn said...

As to feeling bad yesterday, I think it must have been because of the weather. My daughter lives in Thornton now (still works in Denver) and had a bad headache, too. I felt horrible yesterday and got nothing accomplished, but today am better so hope your headache went away. I think our bodies are very sensitive to pressure changes. Veterans Day seems to be overlooked these days. I remember special assemblies when I was in school in the 60's. Now, there's only sales to remember our vets. Take care and hope you are feeling better.♥♫

Neesie said...

A very thoughtful post Anne,
We all have so much to be thankful for.
I'm sending you positive thoughts and hoping that you are doing okay.
It's a tough time for you :)
Be strong
(((hugs))) x

Jeanne said...

Hello Anne, I hope you feel better by now. I am a bit late visiting this week as we have been out of town.

Your Veteran's Day post is so sweet. You do have a long list of veterans and they are all heroes in my opinion. We can't thank them enough for their service to our country. My Uncle was in WWII and he always cried when he talked about the war. He was honored for all the missions his crew made in the war successfully. He was in the Air Force. War changes a person. I pray for peace every day.

Have a happy week ahead.
Love, Jeanne

Wandering Wren said...

Hi Anne

Hope you are feeling better. You have an amazing connection to many Veterans.
I hope you enjoyed Veterans day and you have a great week!

Minoru Saito said...

Hi!I hope your recovery soon. Thanks for your information.