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Friday, November 8, 2013


"In youth and beauty, wisdom is but rare." Homer

 A thoughtful quote. I hope you will give me your own personal opinion on it and visit Mr. Jenny and other Y posts so you can see so much creativity and encouragement.

The week has been a blur for me, with the loss of our little sweetheart Roxanne on Sunday. She had just been with us for nearly three years but the vet thought perhaps she was close to being ten years old. She was still young and we wish she would have lived longer. But we did the very best that we could and she lived out the remainder of her tiny little life in good hands. We treasured her.
Bandit was the only brave soul to show his love for the little girl. He hopped into her bed and hung his head in sadness. I wept.
Tiger A/K/A Mickey, A/K/A Mr. Kitty, A/K/A Mr. Thompkins loved Roxanne. Although he is simply a silly kitten his wisdom is larger than his youth! Particularly this day, June 25, 2013. He noticed Roxanne was not feeling 100 percent! So he hopped over to her and placed his paw gently on her. She loved sleeping with the fellow! It was the only time he was completely kind, not biting, not skittering across the floor, stealing food from the other pets! He knew, in his heart, she was ill and he took it upon himself to care for her.

I took a break from reading this book. Sent to me by a very dear, very kind friend,  Myra
Her blog is a delight and she is way too kind to me but having lost her precious pup recently she knows the pain and heartache,. If you have lost a pet you need to read this book. It is a gift. A rare read written from the dogs point of view. Please get a copy if you have not yet already read it. You will laugh and you will cry but you will not be disappointed.
I know I did not spend a lot of time examining youth but I felt like this is better therapy than getting too negative about the actions of "some" of our youth today! I would rather have a wet nose in the palm of my hand then diamonds and jewels!
I will close with a prayer request. Pray for our daughter Rebekah, as a college graduate she needs to find full time work. The rising cost of repaying student loans are nerve racking. Pray for all of us, especially Hannah and Markus as they deal with the loss of their little Roxanne. Then pray for Eli and Nick as they run at eleven o'clock tomorrow   morning in Fort Dodge, Iowa in the XC National event. Very proud of them and of course, you know we are truly proud of Nick and all his college accomplishments so far. Thank you.  
Pray these young men fly and their feet are strong and their hearts and minds are set on their individual goals.
On one final note and I will wish you all a beautiful, happy and safe weekend pray that the tooth I had to have filled will heal and I will not need a root canal! I would appreciate it. Thank you all for your love and friendship. You are amazing, each one of you individually.


jack69 said...

Hey, you have a beautiful Blog. Love the entry sorry for the loss, I can remember one, and that was enough for a boy, I cried for weeks.

will pray for Rebekah and the job she needs. I am so frustrated at some college advisors who have convinced some students that loan repayment is no problem, 'ONLY A FEW HUNDERED A MONTH'. I asked my grandson, do you realize how much that is?

Anyway Thanks for stopping by the Shipslog. Neat about the USS Enterprise Hat. I was aboard her once for two weeks as an inspector. My ship was the Uss Independence. older than the enterprise I think.
Good thoughts from here in South Carolina... Headed for Georgia and Florida soon.

TexWisGirl said...

it is so hard to lose a pet - no matter how long or short of a time they were with us, they all capture a piece of our heart. i am sorry...

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

I'm so sorry about Roxanne. I read your previous post too and it seems that each of her friends, but human and animal, will miss her in their own way. It's so heartwarming to see animals bond with, and love, one another. ((hugs))

Lola said...

So sorry about your loss - she clearly had the best of homes she could possibly have wished for!

Mevely317 said...

Sweet share, my friend. (and thanks for the mention ... I was praying you'd like this book.)

Some folks call them "dumb animals" ... I think NOT! Fact is, I think our pets often exhibit more compassion than humans.

Of course, you and all your sweet phamily have my continued prayers!

LV said...

My friend, I am so very sorry you and family are going through some bad times It happens to all of us, but seems you have had an over dose. Trust things start getting much better soon and you will be showered with blessings.

Marilyn said...

In our families, the pets are as important as the people. So, I understand your feelings regarding your sweet little dog. I still miss my big baby, and it will be two years since he left. Take care and good luck to the runners!♥♫

Rajesh said...

Very cute. They are having great time.

Kerrie said...

This brought tears to my eyes! I have my little Lilly (chihuahua) that I rescued after my hubby died and she has saved me from much loneliness. I would be lost without her!God Bless!

Intense Guy said...

Such a loss.

I will pray for your daughter Rebekah - I hope she finds an exciting job that she makes a career.

Jenny said...

Having lost a dear family member recently, I understand the pain your family is going through...

I will keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers.

Thanks for linking to the letter "Y"!

And thanks for the book recommendation!