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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fun Facts to Know About Me!

I try to organize my time so I won't spend all my free moments at one place, like Pinterest or Facebook or here but several Face Book friends posted tidbits of their lives and when you leave a comment the number of your comment is the number of things you post about yourself. I had lots of fun today doing these so I thought let me share a few here:

1. I use to love eating Ellis Tamales from the can (LOL) and I would  smother them in ketchup!

2. I own dozens of cookbooks and yet my hubby is a much better cook than me!

3. I have a letter written to me by Tom Landry. In case you don't know him, he was one of the   greatest coaches in the NFL and spent many years with the Dallas Cowboys.

4. I have no musical talents. ;-(  but...

5. I love to dance!

6. I have never been a fan of Tom Cruise and his recent appalling comments comparing himself to our military personnel made me physical ill!

7. My first car was a 1972 Canary Yellow Dodge Swinger. I loved that car.

8. I read at least twenty books in the winter. My book shelves are overflowing with lots of great reads!

9. My hubby and I wore the same jean size when we were newlyweds!

10. My taste in music ranges from Opera to Rap and everything in between!

A friend I have known for over eleven years told me today she was born in Lima, Ohio! I love those fun facts! Share a few here with me today about you!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

And you share a birthday with one of your bloggy friends *wink* :) I loved reading this ... Tom Cruise was soooooo over for me when a million years ago, he commented on ADHD ... wrong answer Tom! LOL!!!!!

LV said...

Ann, you are something else. You forgot to say you enjoy being with friends and talking.

Kerrie said...

We have much in common, smile. Happy Pink Saturday!

Annesphamily said...

I think personally, Tom Cruise suffers from mental illness. His out of line commons are always targeted toward people he knows absolutely zero about or how they live day to day in war! He knows nothing about giving birth and nothing about ADHH or post partum depression. I am surprised that he is so popular but I guess those that never tire of his same old acting techniques keep him making millions for Scientology! Ugh!

Mevely317 said...

What a FUN share, Anne! I love these sorts of things.

I totally agree with Mark and the others' calling TC out about his reference to the military. That guy's such a waste of oxygen... makes me sick.

I'm sooooo curious re. the Tom Landry reference!!!! He was such a Class Act and one of my most-respected. I used to be an over-the-top Cowboys fan, but after Landry and Schram were so rudely dismissed, I turned my back ... can't stand them.

Hope you're enjoying a sweet weekend, m'dear!


Intense Guy said...

What a cool list!!