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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

O is for Anything Outdoors

A favorite baseball share. Last night, Nick went to the Colorado Rockies games against the NY Yankees. Much as I love those Yankees, the hometown team won ! Lots of local businesses give you a great deal when your hometown team wins. McDonald's will give you a free double cheeseburger if they score a double in the game the day before.
Nick took this picture of A-Rod, they had really great seats! He said the fans still boo A-Rod and the Yankee fans outnumbered the Rockies fans last night.
The Rockies really do have a beautiful stadium. Nick took some nice photos. The day was in the low 80's so it was perfect for a ballgame. We are going to get into the 90's now! Each day through Saturday we increase, 93-94-95-97! U G H ! Not a fan of those high heat days.
These are my pretty balloon flowers. Naughty, mean ole bunnies will not eat these! I guess I should fill my yard with them! Except for a pretty purple and white lily those mean bunnies have left anything purple alone!
Those bratty bunnies have not found this Asiatic pink lily. But I don't trust those critters, they remind of politicians, taking from the working bees and handing it over to the greedy corporations!
This hibiscus was left for dead at the store. I bought it on a lark, plucked the dead leaves and it has been a happy camper! My lupines and Colorado Columbines don't seem to be faring as well. They have a nice area where they get sun and shade throughout the day. I have five rose bushes and am praying they will do well. My Teasing Georgia is an ultra fragrant rose and she looked a little miserable the first week she was here. Now she is standing tall and blooming in the heat of the day. My Betty Boop looks a bit sad like Striking It rich but they are newer and still need to adjust. Apricot Princess roses and Astounding Glory are well on their way to having a hearty summer here.
The photos are my own except for this google image. I thought it put a good perspective on my post today.  I decided O was outdoors since I spend lots of gardening time. We only have tomatoes right now but as we get the backyard into shape we are going to add more garden delights  Have a great day and visit a few friends here in blogworld. I miss so many that went the way of social media.


Sandee said...

Oh how pretty all the flowers are. Beautiful in fact.

I too miss many of the folks that used to blog and now are only on social media.

Have a fabulous day honey. ♥♥♥

Intense Guy said...

I hope it cools off some so you can enjoy the outdoors and your garden fully!

Betty said...

No outdoors for me...if I can avoid it. It's so miserable here with the heat and humidity. The other day they said we had the same conditions as a tropical rain forest. Really? My glasses steamed up every time I went outside. I know yesterday with the humidity factored in they said it felt like 105! My friend flew to Colorado this morning. She's going to be disappointed with your high temps.

What I don't like are the blogs that are full of ads. I understand some people need to make money with their blogs, but some are so full of ads and boxes that come across and ask if I want to follow them by E-mail, etc., that they jump when I try to scroll or freeze up on me. Some blogs I really like, but I'm starting to unfollow them because it's frustrating trying to read them.

Edna B said...

Your garden sounds gorgeous, even with the bunnies. I have always loved roses and lilies. I also love your photos of the sky filled with the different clouds. These are gorgeous!

You have a super weekend my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Pamela said...

Your flowers are just so pretty! We haven't put any in this year but have some that comes up every year -- and of course the rosebushes. We've had our own strawberries but they are tapering off. Now the red raspberries are bearing. I love fruit!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Thank you for your amazing outpouring of prayers and love for the Orlando community and our nation...Your words really touched me and It was so well written!! I wish your community safety this weekend during all of the events. What a sad scenario that we should have to worry about any large gathering any place in America

XXOO Carol

Susan Anderson said...

My family loves baseball, and we especially love our SF Giants. Like the one in Colorado, our fairly new stadium is gorgeous. Candlestick Park (the old one) was such fun, but cold, cold, cold!

We suddenly seem to have a lot of rabbits in our yards, too. Once in a while, we even get deer! Not easy to keep those flowers blooming with hungry critters around.