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Monday, June 6, 2016

Aw....Monday/Blue Monday/Love is.../Maxine Cracks Me Up/

This pinterest image is so beautiful. It is a KilKennyCatArt and I have to say, I love black cats. So many people think they are not good pets because they are bad luck. That is not true. They are wonderful pets. Here is my Boots in his younger days. I loved that Best Feline Friend :
He was not totally black but he was the love of my favorite feline friends.  He had a milk mustache and his paws and chest were marked with white. He was an amazing cat. Love you and miss you my friend, May 3, 1996 - March 16, 2012. Please visit Sandee and everyone at Aw...Monday today.
This silly kitty looks like Daphne, Zach's silly girl. She is a pretty calico.
I call her "Hey girl" and she always comes to see me but she is still so shy she won;t hang out with all of us. Maybe too many other pets cramp her style. I bet if you visit Jeanne and the folks at Blue Monday you will see that I shared some blues here today.

I won't plant trees, have too many already and two that gave us major financial headaches and plumbing woes! But I am fighting these wild rabbits eating my pretty flowers out of our garden. Argh....Love this sweet love is...
Everyone can relate to Maxine. Somedays she just says what you were thinking! Laughing Out Loud! Smile!
I was at Jury Duty today. The Judge was there, actually two judges spoke to the potential jurors.  I was very grateful and felt extremely blessed not to have been selected. There were some big criminal cases involving murder and vehicular homicide. There were other jurors chosen for civil cases. My name was not drawn and I was so happy. I sat by the sweetest little gal who was 23 years old. She was selected for one of the big criminal case. I felt so bad for her. I saw one lady who was selected walking back to her seat with tears in her eyes. She is probably a very emotional person like me so I was thinking she probably did not want to sit in on a murder trial!  I could not emotionally handle it. I don't even watch crime dramas, they are too violent for me. I am praying for all those jurors selected. One gentleman said murder didn't bother him, he was desensitized  to it! Wow! I wonder how many people feel like him? That is something I could never be. I think our world today seems too casual when they see and hear about such horrible crimes. I am just the opposite, I am a sensitive soul. The letter J was chosen for Judges and Jurors.
My momma always had her hair done beautifully. She always had a cute apron on and she worked so hard taking care of phamily . That is the BoJon way, always has been, always will be.
Uncle Louie was momma's older brother. These photos were taken at his 70th birthday bash. Oh the memories. We always had such fun phamily times.
Mom (second on your left) and the ladies from the KSKJ Lodge No. 7. The sign in front of the stage says "Welcome" in sLOVEnian. You should know my Auntie Ang (third lady on your right) made their costumes. She was a sewing queen and she could create just about any thing you wanted. She once found some gold lame fabric and black fringe in her sewing room and whipped up a Roaring Twenties costume for Noelle  during Halloween. Another time she made a costume for Noelle from scraps of red/white/blue fabric and voila, Noelle was Betsy Ross! I wish I could find those photos! The KSKJ lodge has been good to our phamily. A couple of our kids applied for scholarships and earned them including Nick who received monies during his first two years of college and a one time large chunk of change for his previous year he completed at KWU.  They really help their young members out, Nick has done lots of good volunteer service. Colleges like to offer those services and Nick is always happy to oblige. My BoJon Heritage, makes me smile!


Diann said...

Glad you aren't selected for jury duty. And your Hey Girl is just too sweet!

Diann said...

Glad you aren't selected for jury duty. And your Hey Girl is just too sweet!

shortybear said...

n ice post

Sandee said...

I'm glad you're off jury duty. That rocks.

I love black kitties and dogs too. Awww.

I'll be gone for the next week. So I won't be visiting anyone.

Have a fabulous day Anne. Big hugs. ♥♥♥

LV said...

I used to want to be on jury duty, but now I am older, that has changed. At my age, you can be exempted and I did it.

Edna B said...

I love your kitty photos. As for the jury duty, I'm not a big fan of it. I've been called a few times, but not selected. No complaints here.

I do agree about the corrupt legal system, which seems to weigh heavily to the side of the criminal, and does not enough for the innocent. If only we could get everyone together to make the changes that we need.

Those drinks you posted look oh so yummy! They would taste nice on a warm day like today.

You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Intense Guy said...

My mom had an all black cat named Shadow. He was born in an alley somewhere downtown, and crawled into my father's pickup truck engine bay to get warm one wintry day. My dad heard him fuss when he started the truck up - and brought him home to my mom.

He lived for 17 years after that.

My grandfather's cat looks like yours!