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Saturday, June 4, 2016

"I" is for Icy Cold Drinks, Pink is for Pretty Pink Saturday

I love an icy cold drink! But now my friend Vivian, who lives in our hometown of Pueblo has made me think about ice! She said when she went through her ovarian and later breast cancer she was told by her doctors that she craved ice because she was anemic! That was interesting. Vivian and I have been friends since we were teens. Oh my goodness, she could tell you tales but we were young and very silly than. We shared a mutual friendship with Kathy O'Gane. I worked with Kathy's dad Buck at the County Courthouse when I was a young gal. Later I worked with Kathy too and then she up and joined the U S Navy. Her sister Marlene and their late brother Michael also were in the U S Navy. Kathy's health is not good these days and she and Marlene shared in the care of their mom Simi. She was put into a nursing home due to advanced Alzheimer's disease. It has hit the girls hard so please pray for them.
Since I was late to the birthday party for Pink Saturday, and actually missed it because I have been chasing rabbits and trying to help my hubby get our yard in shape, I will toast Beverly and all the participating Pinkies with a Barbie shot. Who wears pink better than Barbie?
Maybe those ladies would like to try a Pink Punk Cosmo. It is an awesome drink made with pink cotton candy! Just don't try to say Pink Punk Cosmo too many times too quickly ok?
My friend Heather likes a Hawaiian Lava Flow.  Perhaps the Pinkies will too.
Some folks like a simple and non alcoholic Strawberry Lemonade. This is like the one I bought from three little girls at the bottom of the trail at Chautauqua Thursday.Their mom even offered us fresh mint for our cool drinks after a 3 mile hike in the hot weather. Refreshing.
I had to share this simple prayer with everyone. I could use some prayers too. I have to go to jury duty on Monday and I would rather not! I am not a fan of our flawed judicial system where I really don't see the scales hanging in balance but rather rooting for the bad guy! After our traffic stop, for having Colorado plates, heading into Kansas last month to retrieve Nick from college and that trooper riling through our luggage ,I am really losing my patience with the whole legal system. Because I live in Colorado does not mean I am transporting marijuana or other illict drugs through another state! It was totally humiliating and very infuriating.
 Justice or not?
Pretty as a picture, an image of Slovenia, the homeland of my ancestors. If you think I am a bit cynical about our legal system and the government, you need to know I was thrown into the lion's den s a young woman, working in the county courthouse. Now I made some friends there and learned a lot from the older ladies I worked with, but the whole political system is a crock of baloney. I knew it than and I still see it that way today. You can not change a BoJon girls mind. We are stubborn that way.
Time to turn in for the night. As my sLOVEnian phamily would say, Goodnight.


shortybear said...

those drinks sound yummy. praying over these needs

LV said...

The drinks look cool and refreshing. I like just plain old ice tea. I did not know they would stop you going into another state because of license plate. This world has really gotten out of control. Hard to trust anyone.

Sandee said...

Prayers for all your family and friends.

I'll have the strawberry lemonade. That looks really good.

Have a fabulous and blessed Sunday Anne. Big hugs. ♥♥♥

Pamela said...

RB's colleague had the same thing-- stopped thinking he had drugs. He waited a very long time while they were searching, berating him, and trying to make him angry. The strawberry lemonade looks delicious.

Betty said...

Strawberry lemonade with mint sounds so good. I used to grow mint in a pot for my ice tea, but somehow I got away from it. I haven't even made ice tea in years. Now you have me thinking about mint and how good it would be with strawberry lemonade!

Dogmom Diva said...

Hi It's me! Yes, blogging and reading blogs, amazing!

I hope when you get to the courthouse, they dismiss you..and don't call you again! I am not a fan of the legal process,'s almost worse now than it used to be. I don't blame you for being angry after that traffic stop in Kansas..

Beautiful pink drinks! The last one, the lemonade, looks especially delicious and refreshing!

Thanks for stopping and always commenting. our friendship will always be strong for the rest of our lives, and then when we get to Heaven we can cause some havoc there, too. Love you!

P.S. I'm having trouble leaving comments for some blogs, Sandee's and Bj's Sweet Nothings. I don't know what I am doing wrong..blah.

Theresa said...

Prayers for your friend and her phamily! Yummy and pretty drinks:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

Kathe W. said...

what a lovely blog- always so good to visit you...sending best thoughts to your family. and I have jury duty next week...

Jeannie Marie said...

What pretty pink drinks! Love the Love is cartoon too! I always look for it!

Intense Guy said...

This country's drug laws (and tobacco is one of them) are truly messed up. I think it is a racket dreamed up by politicians to get revenue (that they then pocket).