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Friday, June 10, 2016


I love music, I always have and although I have zero talent musically I love all kinds of music and love passing it on to the kids and grand kids. Michael, our year old great grand loves church music! He will praise the Lord when he hears worship music. Harrison loves a song called        
Me and Magdalena by the Monkees from their new 2016 album. Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie wrote this song. Now I have tried to turn Harrison's attention to other music. So far he loves this lone Monkee song and a couple John Mayer tunes. He's a real music critic! I thought today would be a perfect time to tell you M is for Music as I am working my way through the Alphabet and thinking of what I would want to write about.

My sister Mary had a friend named Dorothy Skerjanc that belonged to a polka club. She and her late hubby John would travel around and go polka dancing. I thought that was such a cool thing to do! BoJons loves to dance to polka music and many young BoJon lads had a squeeze box, formerly known as the accordion. My high school friend Charlene Caputo met her first hubby through their love of the accordion.

Pink scatters across a night sky as the sun sets. I take a lot of photos like this. They are my favorites, because I can praise God in all His goodness and beauty.
This is an image from google. I love how  Pikes Peak is mirrored in the Garden of the Gods. When I was a child our home had a beautiful view of Pikes Peak. Please visit Beverly and some Pinkies today.


bj said...

Happy Pinks to you...:)

shortybear said...

good post

Mevely317 said...

I'm sure my hubby wishes I liked to dance. His being Polish and growing up with a large extended family, he's fond of regaling me with stories of his parents, aunts and uncles dancing the polka.
It's a crying shame that his kids have little interest; in fact, we're estranged from the daughter now, going on 3 years. It hurts his heart.

Babies and music are such a hoot!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Many of my aunts and uncles played instruments, and we did too when we were children. I also have wonderful memories of the dancing and music playing as we went to sleep for the night at family gatherings. Your family is so lucky to have your help in raising their young ones! We do what we can. So nice to have a visit from you!

The Artful Diva said...

I remember going to family weddings as a child and dancing the polka - it was a lot of fun.

Jeanie said...

Hi, Anne,

Thanks so much for your visit to the Marmelade Gypsy. You have certainly been basking in a glorious sky. Simply lovely.

Karen said...

Hi Anne,
So pleased to meet you. What pretty pics. I love pink and music too! Have a Wonderful Week! Karen

Edna B said...

I love the photo of the sunset. The colors are so beautiful. It's good that you were able to keep all those wonderful family photos. They are such a treasure.

You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

Intense Guy said...

M is for Mountain! I would enjoy a trip up Pikes Peak. The day I was there the cog train wasn't running. Drats!