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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Day Three: Weddings and Phamily Love

Technical issues stopping me from working on my day three post! Although it is day four, here it is:
August 27, 2000. Noelle and her dad heading down the aisle and into her marriage with Roger. Ah....such a lovely memory.

May 3, 1984 - my Sweets and I on our wedding day. The days go so quickly but I will always hold that day close to my heart.
The Robinson Clan, April 30, 2016, Jeremy's wedding to Brittany. Oh the new memories we have stored inside our hearts.
Pat and Gary's wedding day, August 19, 1956. Look at all those beautiful and handsome BoJon's surrounding the happy couple. To this day, although I was a tiny toddler when my big sis married, I can not visit my hometown of Pueblo without smiling when we pass the Mineral Palace Park on our way into town. Jay Phillips was a very harried professional photographer but his shots were beautiful and he captured every single moment for the happy day.

August 29, 1936. My mother was a beautiful bride and my daddy always looked so dapper and very handsome. They would have celebrated 49 years of marriage when he passed away in April 1985. They were the glue that held us all together.
Uncle Louie and Auntie Ang's wedding in October 1946. I need to find the exact date of their marriage. She was a beautiful and very modern bride. My grandmother was on your right and when I was a kid I thought the priest, Daniel Gnidica was personally related to Jesus because he was a carpenter like Jesus's earthly father Joseph. I guess he is related to Jesus but as a kid, you can understand my thought process.
It is fun to look back on these precious memories and be grateful to God for making me a BoJon girl. I hope you will come back later for more shares on Day Four.


Sandee said...

Such lovely photographs and even better memories. I love to look back at a families history. So precious.

Have a blessed day Anne. Big hug. ♥♥♥

Edna B said...

Gosh, I had so much to get caught up on here. I love all the family photos. And Maxine always gives me a fun giggle to start my day. I think it's wonderful that you are keeping all these family memories here on your blog to be printed out and saved forever.

You have a wonderful weekend, hugs, Edna B.

Mevely317 said...

Your recollection of Priest-carpenter-Daniel made me giggle!
It's a bit sad, so many young people are deciding to forego the institution of marriage.

Wandering Wren said...

Gosh - sorry to read about all your probs re e-mails etc on Facebook. Well done on getting Day 4 published Hope next week is technologically less challenging!
Wren x

Betty said...

Oh I love to look at wedding pictures...especially the older ones. Thanks for sharing.

OK, when I was a kid I'd look at those pictures of a family. The mom would be sitting in the chair, the dad would be behind her and the kids would be on moms lap or standing by the side of the chair. Then behind them all in a glow of light was Jesus with his arms stretched out. Do you remember those pictures? Well, I thought that I could catch Jesus behind me if I quickly turned around. For some reason I thought he would only be behind me if I was alone and no one was facing me. So, in the privacy of my own room I'd be spinning around in circles trying to catch him. Yes, I guess I was a little mixed up too. said...

Dear Blogger, my blog as I have known it is gone! You locked me out and I can not add posts only view it from as outsider. I started this blog in November 2009 and had to update my laptop. When I returned you took away my user and password names and only can I go here as a visitor. My blog is I try to access is is which I no longer have and you can reach me at I have an iphone and can not sync with google and gmail and therefore no longer have access to my blog. H E L P !

Jim said...

Oops, Anne. I'm really sorry to hear this. I've heard of bad things happening like this to others, I can't remember any of them specifically right now. I believe either Blogger or Google helped them, it took a while. Just when you were doing the 31 days of family too.