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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Day Two: Kindness, Love and Weddings

This google image is dried chamomille flowers. My mother made us tea from these dry leaves and flowers when I was a kid. The tea was very bright yellow and because she grew her flowers without the help of any chemical additives and sprays back then we always enjoyed a delicious cup of hot tea. Our neighbor, Mrs. Theresa Plute, a little lady from the former Yugoslavia, taught my mom this method of tea making.  She was a sweet little widow lady who lived in the corner house of our street.  She had been married very young, at 15 to her husband who was about 12 years older than she was. She had two daughters and one of her daughters, Rosemarie, had three sons. I went to school with John who was the middle son. I still see and also talk to many of the kids I grew up with. It is was wonderful era.
Rebekah and her friend Naomi. These gals have been friends since they were youngsters. Naomi married her sweetheart Ryan on July 30, 2016. Rebekah and Zach attended the wedding.

This tiny girl caught the bridal bouquet. She said another taller and more athletic girl tried to overreach her but this little miss prevailed. Her beau Zach caught the garter at Jeremy and Brittany's wedding April 30, 2016. Hmmmm........

Ah...The Beatles sang about love. In fact they sang Love is all you need.....

Weddings are a wonderful time to reconnect with those you do not see as often as you once did. Growing up in BoJontown we attended lots of weddings. Most of them were at St. Joe's Hall in "the Grove". In fact, later this month our oldest daughter Noelle celebrates 16 years of wedded bliss with Roger and they were married at St. Joe's Hall.
I am still excited about these Naomi and Ryan wedding photos. Naomi was a beautiful bride and Rebekah and Zach were happy to share in their special day.n Weddings today are different from those from years gone by. Often the wedding ceremony was early in the morning and there was a wedding breakfast. By the time the photographer took all the photos of the wedding party it was time for a wedding lunch/dinner. There would be dancing and merriment until at least midnight.Tomorrow I will showcase some of the brides from my phamily.


Sandee said...

How cool that you still see many from your childhood.

Weddings are such a happy time. I love weddings.

Have a fabulous day Anne. Big hugs. ♥♥♥

Mevely317 said...

Your Rebekah is so lovely!