Friday, December 17, 2010


Life happens! I am not intentionally staying away but so much has been happening in my life. It is hard to pin point! If anyone has any news on Denise at please catch me up. I am praying for her but have had all my e mails returned stating there is a fatal error on the account for her e mail! I want to tell Barb that I am going to put up pictures from my cool swap where she was my partner at Parsley's. My life has just been crazy.
My brother-in-law had no where to go after he was tossed out by his soon-to-be ex wife. I do not want to get bitter here so I will continue to ask for prayers. But God truly does work in mysterious ways! Shortly after he came to 'temporarily' stay with us he started to experience horrible back pain. He had some surgery, major back surgery, a few years ago but evidently the doctor did not do a great job! He ended up at the emergency room and was admitted to one hospital only to be transferred to another for more surgery. The doctor who did his second surgery works in the building next door to my office and he is a wonderful man.The doctor knew my hubby could not be with his brother during the lengthy surgery so the doctor called my Sweets and explained everything to him on the phone! He is recuperating nicely and we will bring him here tomorrow. He will spend Christmas with us and than head to Bozeman to spend a nice New Year with his younger brother John. From there he will travel to Alaska and try to continue his work as a traveling nurse. Prayer is very much welcomed.
On Monday I had to leave work early due to a horrendous migraine! I was unable to function and came home simply by the absolute hand of God! Thank goodness my son Nick was with me. Although he currently does not drive just having him with me was a great comfort.
Monday was a duel birthday for our daughter Noelle and her hubby Roger. Sweets and I took them to the Red Lobster on Tuesday. The food was fabulous. I scarfed down an entire sirloin steak with garlic grilled shrimp and some snow crab legs! I was waiting all day long to eat that meal! Noelle and Roger enjoyed their birthday dinner and their gifts as well.
Yesterday I sent my sweet niece Holly a birthday email having forgotten to put the card in the mail! She is mom to Sean and Sarah. I will blog about them soon! She sent me an e mail back which I just read this evening telling me she found a small cyst on her breast and is having a biopsy two days after Christmas. Prayer is again in order.
Phil lost his job at Sonic and part of the reason is new management. Shortly after his dismissal Rebekah had a drawer shortage. I think like so many companies they would like to rid themselves of their long time employees. I am not going to be spending any of my money there because I am very angry and am sick to the point of screaming with people and their political correctness. I can not say much more but I am tired of everyone bending over backward for people who break the law and the tax payers pick up the tab! I will say there is only one response I have to p.c. people! Jesus was the most politically incorrect person to walk this earth and I owe nothing to anyone but Him. He offered His own life for my sinful one. My father use to say he was glad he would not be around when I would be old like he was! He said the world would be backward. Good would be evil and evil good!  Reference your bible, it is the written word of God. Prayer is needed for Phil so he may find a new job quickly.
I want to thank Marydon and Harold for the beautiful Old World musical Santa. It made it all the way here to Colorado from Maryland! I will post a picture later too.
I need to help my Sweets set up our buffet and slim pantry in the kitchen. Today my friend Alyn came to my office and showed off some new Princess House  merchandise. She had lots of great red items! She said red is the new trend in kitchen decorating. I think that is so silly! I did my new kitchen in red because we have cherry cabinets and my old blue checked curtains needs a facelift! I found them in red at my favorite K-Mart! The price was perfect so they are hanging in my kitchen now! I have a pic to post taken with my new purple camera. I also have a photo of Alyn's table display including a beautiful apple pie she put together! We could not bake it, no oven (sigh) but she was going to enjoy it with her sister tonight for Alyn's 60th birthday!
I am still trying to put up our new tree (allergic to the real stuff0 and have dozens of Christmas cards to write. I found a lovely SLOVEnian recipe for cut out cookies. There is an odd ingredient in this recipe, black pepper, but I will have to give you a review later! I started thinking about all the wonderful childhood memories of the holidays that I had. I am looking for a few Italian cookie recipes. One is a long finger style cookie that is soft and buttery inside and is frosted with pretty pastels. There is a cherry filled drop cookie frosted with pretty pink frosting and a buttery drop cookie that is decorated with chocolate frosting! If anyone has any ideas to help me locate any of these old world recipes I would be so happy!
I will be back with LOVE IS...., Tuesday Show and Tail and AlphabeThursday. I will also post my Pink Saturday and Spiritual Sunday post this weekend. I have missed everyone very much!
Before I sign off, thank you to  Gwen for sharing some pretty purple fabric and darling buttons to share with Miss AngelDawn. Anyone with any ideas what we can put together for this lovely little lady should e mail or leave me a message here.
Blessings to all!


Parsley said...

Sorry for all the drama but we know life is like that sometimes. Perhaps these times is where we are to shine Christ in our lives for others.

Prayers your way.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Anne sweetie it sure does seem like all sorts of bad stuff is going on in your life. Still the good out weighs the bad and God is in charge. Take a few minutes to relax and enjoy this blessed season. Sending you love and prayers for your family.

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Dear Anne. wow, you sure do have a lot going on...I'll be praying for you and your family!!! You are much loved in my home!!! Cling to Jesus Christ. He's the one sure thing in a world of crazy!!! I still want to wish you and your sweet family a very Happy Christmas!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)