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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"D" is for Denver

My "D" post is for my home in the Denver metro area. Denver is an exciting city. I have lived here since 1983 and I pride myself in being a Colorado native. When I first came to Denver I lived within walking distance of my job at the University of Colorado Health Science Center. My co worker Bea lived two doors down in the very same apartment she has lived in since the 1970's. She taught me how to navigate the streets from Broadway and Lincoln downtown up to where we lived.  I learned and still know the double alphabet streets. We lived on Dexter Street. I had a cute little third floor apartment. It is a very fond memory. My husband proposed to me there.

I still love to visit my old neighborhood. It is very close to the Cherry Creek Mall and downtown Denver where my Sweets works. There is a wonderful ice cream shop called Liks! Originally they called the place Lickety Split but they had to change it because someone else had the patent on that name! They have some of the best hand made ice cream! It is made in small batches and tastes heavenly! One of my favorite flavors is Millionaires featuring butterscotch rippled through the milk chocolate and loaded with pecans!

While enjoying the sights in Denver you can always stop by and have a Denver omelet in any of the great restaurants you can find here.
Here is our airport. I am a bit prejudice because my middle brother Ed who is employed with the city and county of Denver was an engineer working on this major project. The airport is a wonderful place and it's unique design is interesting.
Come visit our beautiful art museum! This is one of my favorite places and each first Saturday of the month it is free admission! If you visit the museum before January 29th you can experience Xu Beihong pioneer of  Modern Chinese artwork.
You could catch a game at Sports Authority stadium. You can watch the Denver Broncos and come over to my house where most Sunday games are spent waiting on "Tebow time"! We love our Broncos and I personally have been a fan since I was a small child! I watched many games with my dad and I know he would get a kick out of our cute new QB Tim Tebow! Lots of folks think Tim possesses some magical qualities to help his team win games in the finally moments but he has a strong personal conviction of faith and he gives praise where it is due. Some don't like his display of faith but I have always loved the bumper sticker that says "If God's not a Bronco fan then why are sunsets orange and blue?" On a serious note Tebow is a nice example of Christian love and he certainly is a clean cut role model.
Before I end this come to Denver and check some great eating! You could enjoy Native American fare at a cool eatery called! Here is my lunch from our phamily time this past Saturday:

Now that I have given you a mini tour of the city where I live please visit Jenny and all the particiapates of Alphabe Thursday!


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Anne, you know I LOVE the city of Denver! It is so pretty at Christmas time when city and county building is all light up, and there is the poignant tree of honor in the Capital building that is in memory of all the fallen members of the military from Colorado who died in Afghanistan and Iraq. You live in a beautiful place!

Kerri @OhMann! said...

What a beautiful city! I have never been out that way. I don't know why they just don't leave Tebow alone!! If he was a foul-mouthed rocker or rapper, they wouldn't say a word.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I have only been able to visit the airport!! :( It's on my bucket list!! GORGEOUS photos!!! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Vicki/Jake said...

Had a quick layover in Denver last year..long enough to run to the next plane! Someday I'll go for real.

Tocabe? In Utah, that's called a Navaho Taco! haha

anitamombanita said...

Haven't spent much time in Denver, but what I've seen i enjoyed. Thanks for the mini-tour.

JANU said...

Hi, am from a nice tour of Denver. We always hold dear a place which we can call home.

Francisca said...

I DELIGHTED in your tour of DENVER. I agree, your airport has a DISTINCTIVE DESIGN.

Andy said...

Never been to Denver, but I thoroughly enjoyed your mini tour. I'm a die-hard Eagles fan, always have been, always will be, but my hats off to Tebow for being a stand-up, decent & respectful guy. There are some of those highly paid players who could do well with adopting the same moral attitude.
Awesome post! Thanks for sharing & visiting. I appreciate the comment.


Theresa said...

Love Denver! I enjoyed a business trip there... UH many years ago! I have been retired NINE years and it was about NINE years before that:) Have to come back! Have a blessed day in your beautiful City! HUGS!

Mary said...

I haven't had the opportunity to visit Denver~ I've always wanted to to & your photos are beautiful!

Naperville Now said...

Anne -- thanks for your kind words and thanks for the great tour of D is for Denver :)

Lola said...

Great virtual tour of a great city - must visit one day!

Great 'D' post!

Intense Guy said...

You should work for the Denver chamber of commerce!!

I want to visit Denver now!! I remember this restaurant downtown that is in a bank vault. The food was yummy!! Too bad I only had a couple days on a very busy business trip!

Chatty Crone said...

Happy December and good morning,

Thanks for the tour of Denver - it is so pretty - just saw on someone else's blog the Brown Palace I believe it was called - the inside gorgeous!

And I love Denver Omelets.

Hope all is well Ann.

Love, sandie

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I really enjoyed my tour! The food looks delicious!

Sue said...

We used to enjoy visiting our relatives in Englewood, but they've moved now. I miss the trips there!


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Anonymous said...

I'm still drooling over the ice cream! Yum!

Ames said...

Denver is one place that we haven't been to yet. I have heard strange things about the Denver Airport. So, I guess you can say my curiosity has been peaked enough to put it on the list. So what is that lunch called?~Ames

Jenny said...

I've never been to Denver, Darling but it looks devine!

My husband loves Denver omelets so maybe we'll have to make a trip that way!

Thanks for a darling link for the letter D.


sarah said...

I love Liks! Denver is a great place to live. Annie's is probably my favorite place to eat. Hope you're staying warm. Second snow of December. Brr