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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A is for Autograph

As a small child my oldest daughter wanted to meet the country western singer Barbara Mandrell. She performed at the Colorado State Fair many years ago. We waited in line for hours to get her autograph! Barbara was very cordial to us and treated us as kindly as the first person she signed an autograph for! Years later Noelle gave that autograph to her cousin Brian! She said "Because he wanted it and liked Barbara Mandrell too!"

When I was a young teen I had a pen pal in  Indy. Her name was Jane Moon and she got an autograph for me. I loved auto racing and loved Mario Andretti who was an Indy 500 winner! She babysat for Mario Andretti's brother Aldo's children and I had his autograph!
In the 1980's I got the autograph of rich Karlis, kicker for the Denver Broncos. very favorite and still in my possession on a cocktail napkin from the now defunct Bronco Inn near my home.
When I was a small child and making my first communion I had a beautiful prayer book (still have it too) and had my mother's cousin's son Richard sign that prayer book, why you ask? Because he was a Catholic priest. Years later he left the priesthood, married and  was the president of one of the local hospitals in my hometown.
Ah....memories. They are awesome! They are amazing! They are part of my Alphabe Thursday post.
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Today my autograph book is different. It is a sweet little Dollar Store journal with lined pages that I use when I meet my blogger friends. Here it is:

So here is my autograph book with my first signatures. I do apologize to Suzanne because I had a photo of my page she signed but did not want to reveal her address. I just did not want to publish everything so I tried to condense the pages.
Then I have LaVoice's autograph and her sister Patsy who is also Suzanne's mom! Whew! That was a fun lunch!
These pages are precious to me. I once knew these ladies as bloggers and now they are friends. It is a lovely treasure.
I hope you like my "A" post! I was almost tempted to say "A is for Anne!" Ha Ha! I will share more facts about me as my blog goes on.
Please check my previous posts and make sure to get in my giveaway! It is a surprise. Shh....
Enjoy the day!


Theresa said...

What a wonderful idea! I have only met TWO blog friends in person but I would love to meet more! Have a blessed day dear ANNE, HUGS!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What wonderful signatures you have!

Vicki/Jake said...

Now that's AWESOME!!!

Sue said...

Autograph books are nostalgic for me. I got one as a young girl, and while I wasn't very diligent about filling it, I did have a couple of neat experiences asking for autographs.


PS. My nephew, unasked, was thoughtful enough to get an autograph from James Taylor (my favorite singer) when he saw him in a cafeteria at the Berklee School of Music in Boston. I still have it. Framed, in fact! (My nephew did the framing, too.)

anitamombanita said...

I had an autograph book as a as an adult it means little to me ... I'd much rather have real relationships with real people... hmm... sounds negative, but not really. I can respect other people's interest in them. Then again, I DO have a personally signed CD from David Bowie... but I also worked with him for a brief period, so it has real meaning, I guess...

LV said...

I had an autograph book when young, but not sure what happened to it. I have several stars autographs. I was surprised that I rated a shot on your post. Now I am a celebrity.

Coloradolady said...

Well....LV shot to stardom too! LOL. We did have a fun lunch, one like I won't forget!! That was a great idea, wish I had thought of it!! My mom will be thrilled I am sure to know she made it in your post too!!!! Have a great weekend!!! It will soon be here...hug your sweet girls for me too!

Heather and Kathy said...

when I went to disney world in 2008, my students and I all had our own autograph books (and fellow teacher, Phoebe, and my mom!) we got all the autographs of the characters. Yes, the older students, Mom, Phoebe, and I knew that someone was playing the character, but is still something in the spirit of the characters to get their autographs when we got the pictures with them. We all just loved getting them!


Jeanne said...

Dear Anne, Your post is so fun to read and I love the autograph stories. When the blogging friends went to Canada this summer, we too had everyone sign our autograph books. Including the waiters etc. when ate out at so many fabulous places. However, no one famous signed them. You know what? I love that my blogging friends signed my book more than any star I can think of. My blogging friends are blessings to me and that includes you.

We are still out of town but we will be heading home on Sunday. I can't wait to get home even though the last 9 days have been wonderful with my darling children and grands.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Grace said...

Hi Sweet friend! Happy Pink Saturday. I read this and thought how fun and started giggling. I had stayed in line for Sara Jessica Parker to sign a perfume bottle for a very long time. Well one day I decided to spray it on and I forgot it in the bathroom. My mom saw the bottle and thought "what happened why is that so dirty with grease?" You guess where I am going with this? Yes she cleaned it shiny and new. I laugh now but I was so upset. But she said "well she has bad signature very sloppy and she should have signed a picture or the box. She felt horrible. lol Grace xoox

Barbara Rosenzweig said...

I still have my autograph book from junior high school. My English teacher signed it. When I started teaching science in a different middle school, I met that teacher again - she was now my colleague! A few years later, when I married the math teacher, it turned out that she was related to him and is now my cousin! She got a kick out of seeing that autograph book again!

Cheryl D. said...

What a great use for an autograph book! I think it's much better to have bloggers sign it than celebrities!

Janet, said...

that's neat. I have my autograph book from my senior year in high school. And I have a few famous person autographs - such as Bob Denver, President Bush and Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Love your "A" post!!! What great autograph stories! You are so thoughtful!!! And what a wonderful idea for getting autographs from blog friends that you have been able to meet in person! (I have yet to meet any blog friends in person, but I can't wait til I do...and I really want to remember your wonderful idea and bring something for them to write in :o)

Blessings & Aloha!
I am thankful and blessed to keep busy with art orders for Christmas, so have been out of the loop for a few weeks... It is so good to be back in Ms. Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday class!

Judie said...

The only autographs I have gotten have been pro golfer's autographs on visors. I have one visor from the FedEx tournament in Memphis, and it had several famous golfers' autographs, including my favorite, Payne Stewart. I was devastated when he died. The day of his memorial service on t.v., I got my visor out, and was shocked to discover that all the autographs had completely faded away except for one that was still sharp and clear--Payne Stewart.

Francisca said...

Late to Jenny's class, but glad I stopped by here. Autograph makes An Awesome A post! I don't collect autographs, but I do have a friendship book that people we have hosted have signed dating back to 1972. The second book started when I moved to the Philippines in 1990 has notes from people who my honey and I have hosted overnight.

Intense Guy said...

I hope you continue to collect awesome autographs!

C'est moi Claudette said...

Like Jeanne commented (oops, there you are again) I love it Anne. I'm glad BOOTS is a comfort to you too.
So about those autograph books, lol. Juliet, my Van. girl, always LOVED autograph books, so when we travelled to GA. to see CC, another blogging gf, Juliet admired her "real" autograph book from CC's grandmother. CC ended up giving it to Juliet, and Juliet brought us all our very personal books to sign by whomever we wanted. It's been fun collecting the autographs. While in N.C. recently, I got some of the girls to sign it. I'll cherish it forever.
I also have to tell you that 30 yrs. ago I started a "adopt a grandparent" program. I had school kids/teenagers adopt a grandparent at the homes for the aged. My program was for the kids that didn't have their grandparents any longer and grandparents that didn't have any visitors. Kind of like your cards and letters. The program ran smoothly. Now that I think back, I'm saddened and happy that I made a difference in the world. WOW memories flooding back right now Anne.
I think since my mom died, my eyes and ears are more in tune with what is around me.
I'm sorry I haven't visited, but it's been a hell of a few months.
Love Me

Neabear said...

Great "A" post! I love the cover of your autograph book for your blogger friends. That is a great idea!

Thank you also for coming by to see me too!


Jenny said...

How cool! You have good signatures in your autograph book. I only ever got my sisters! ha!

Thanks for the smile and the cute link to Alphabe-Thursday's letter "A".

You are always so fun to visit!