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Monday, November 28, 2011

Love is... and A Very Blue Monday !.

I am having some tough times trying to load photos so I am using lots of images I find on google. I will resolve this problem! My sons friend Ivan always helps me out but he just found out he is going to be a dad and so he has not been around lately!

So come visit Marydon and share your favorite Love is... with us today. Here is mine:
Ha Ha Ha! No one wants to do the dishes! We have a lovely dishwasher but there is always something fun to do after a great meal besides washing those dishes. I have one of those wonderful husbands who will help me out! The doctor I work suggested that his wife fore go the fancy china and use paper plates for Thanksgiving! You guessed it? He is the dishwasher! LOL! Imagine that, a medical doctor with a duel practice (ENT and Plastics) having to wash dishes with his brother the Engineer!

My Sweets has always helped out. My middle brother, also an engineer is a dishwasher too!

Now I am going to share some blues for Go visit our leader Sally and wish her a terrific blue Monday!

Lots of December birthdays coming up starting with me on Saturday. I am going to have a special birthday giveaway! I need to find out a special item to send to a lucky winner! So follow me, leave a comment and you can be entered in both my blogaversary and birthday giveaway!

Here are my blues:

 A special bouquet in blue just for you!
A pretty little birthday cake in case you share my special date!
Blue balloons cause we are always kids at heart!


SmilingSally said...

There are some December births in my family too.

Thanks for sharing these beautiful blues.

Happy Blue Monday, Anne!

Marydon said...

OOOOoooooo! Soooo love that blue topaz ring, Anne.

I do the dishes as soon as the company leaves ... the house is back to order before I go to bed. I prefer to wash dishes to make sure they are clean, my way. Hubby dries when needed.

Hope you had a lovely holiday celebration.
Have a wonderful week ~

Theresa said...

Beautiful BLUES! We always use paper when there is a big crowd:) Hope you have a wonderful day dear Anne, HUGS!

Chatty Crone said...

I love all the blue pictures you picked - all of them - did a great job.


Intense Guy said...

In exchange for a wonderfully cooked meal - I happily set tables and do dishes...


LV said...

A real, true way to celebrate your birthday and giveaway.

mary said...

Wohooo a blue birthday giveaway that is awesome! Enjoy your birthday and that ring that you daddy gave that is awesome!
Blue MOnday

Marilyn said...

I'll wish you a happy birthday now, because I'm likely to forget later in the week. I seem to be like Winnie the Pooh, isn't he the one that is a bear of very little brain? Or am I thinking of the Scarecrow? Or me just being O.L.D.! Blessings today and on your birthday.♥♫

Anonymous said...

Hey Birthday Girl (who shares the same day as MOI)!!! What a fun post and love the blues, too! Your ring from Dad surely was special and it's lovely to know you still treasure it!

I can't 'follow' you in the Blogger gadget, but you are on my "Blogs That I Love" tab on my blog.....gladly!

Happy Birthday girl!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy for our birthday!! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Abramyan Avenue said...

Blue is my favorite color...always has been..LOVE it! You always have fun posts!

jhopes70 said...

Nice Beautiful BLUES
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cassandrasminicorner said...

like the ring, beautiful:)

Visiting for BM! Hope you can visit me too:)

Barbara Rosenzweig said...

Absolutely beautiful blues!!
I especially love the baloons because of the neat shapes of the replections on them!
(I'd love to follow you, but I'm at my maximum and don't know how to delete.)
Thanks so much for visiting my blog and appreciating my artwork! You write so beautifully that it is a joy to read your remarks. My strength is in painting. LOL
Have a great day!

Daughter of the King said...

Good day to you! I've really being enjoying reading through your blog posts. Blue is my favourite colour too! Love the blue balloons. I hope you have a very happy birthday on Dec 5th, and get spoilt rotten. God bless!