Monday, January 27, 2014

Blue Monday/Love is...

Do you like the bodice on this blue dress? I love it and have been thinking about it for our 30th wedding anniversary May 3rd. Here is the back of it:
I am not sure what we will do for our anniversary. Nick graduates from Cowley in May. I am amazed at how quickly those two years flew by. He also hopes to be running at Nationals in NYC so it may conflict with the graduation. We will wait and see. My dream was Hawaii but currently we are short of cash to travel there. Sigh!
I could not resist! How about these cute little "purr"itos? I thought they were precious to share. Now tell Sally and the Blue Crew you saw these blues and check out theirs too.

                                                    sometimes doing silly things together.

Marydon  has been sharing her Love Face Book. I hope you see them there too. This one was so appropriate because like most of the country we have been hit with snow. This snow is blue! Our snow is cold, frosty and white! I heard someone say this:
Actually they said, and I quote, "Antarctica called. They want their snow back!" Goodness even this little share is blue!
Before I sign off for the evening prayers please. Roman, a sweet little baby who belongs to our son Jeremy's friends was a preemie and he is ill quite often. Prayer for him please. Speaking of preemies our friend Janae had a preemie yesterday. His name is Austin and prayer is also welcome. Prayers for the phamily of the sheriff's deputy killed in a head on collision this weekend in Jefferson County. Prayers for the gentleman hit on his motorcycle Saturday. Our daughter and her hubby saw part of it and it shut down the highway as Flight for Life rushed him to the hospital. Due to the seriousness of his injuries he was sent to one of the many Level I Trauma centers in the Denver metro area. Pray for my hubby's brother. He was hospitalized yesterday for pneumonia. He is back here with us today but that is something that often gives you very little warning and knocks you off your feet. Pray for my hubby too. He spent several hours at the urgent care today. He had a delayed reaction to the antibiotic he was taking for his bronchitis and is now on a new series of meds. He is peacefully sleeping as I type this. The meds knocked him out cold about thirty minutes ago. Finally please pray for Nick and his team. They run at Lubbock, Texas in the Texas Tech Masked Raider Open January 31. Since Nick's goal is Nationals in NYC in May he is working hard to achieve his goal. He is about 13 seconds off his time to qualify for Nationals. Prayers please. Pray for the entire team that they all do well and they have a safe and eventful trip with lots of great qualifying times. I am so behind. I have a giveaway gift to get off to Pennsylvania. I have not had a minute extra to check my Face Book page as I am doing a Pay It Forward over there. Always fun. I may take my time getting my gifts out but I like to personalize them as much as I can. Hope Iggy sees this. I was so sick for the New Year it was hard to think about anything. I will catch up. Visit Sally and the Blues and Marydon too.
Snowy day from my work window. Antarctica please come take your snow back!


SmilingSally said...

Morning Anne,

I'm sorry you missed Blue Monday; I'll look for you next week.

I love that dress, but if you wear it for your anniversary, he'll have to take you someplace really special.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

What a beautiful dress, you would love lovely in it!

Marilyn said...

Whatever you wear or where ever you go, just celebrate that anniversary! I'd be happy to go for "fast" food. And this cold weather might be good for getting rid of next summer's bugs in the garden. That is the only thing it is good for in my opinion. But, it is winter... . Prayers for all that need it in your family.♥♫

Mevely317 said...

Whew! ... There's so much sadness and anxiety amongst us, isn't there? I'm honored to hold all in my evening prayers. You're so very thoughtful ... just one of the reasons that make you very special.

That gown is so stunning - timeless in its simplicity.

Intense Guy said...

That is a beautiful dress - I'm sure you would be jaw-dropping gorgeous in it!!

And the Pennsylvania dude is very patient - no worries!

Annesphamily said...

This blogger is silly because it will not let me into my own blog! LOL! So I Am here leaving a comment to let everyone know I am working on breaking back into my blog!

LV said...

It is truly a lovely dress but would not for my body. Trust things work out for you to have a nice anniversary. You deserve it.