Thursday, January 16, 2014

"I" is for Ireland

I am joining Ms. Jenny and the Alphabe Thursday gang for some fun with the letter I! My hubby has roots on his father's side of the phamily in Ireland. His great grandfather came from Ulster Providence. It is a glorious and very green country:
Ireland is the one country where my phamily would like to travel. We know a few natives so it makes it easier to plan for a dream vacation.
When I think of Ireland I always am reminded of my dear friend Bea and her trip to Ireland in 1983. I was a new employee at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center and she was embarking on the trip of a lifetime. I was going to hold the fort down with Ginny our manager. Goodness, such terrific memories. Working with honest, ethical, hard working ladies who had kindness and respect for each other. Co workers like that are very rare in today's world!

This castle is quite beautiful. I love all the green around it along with the bright blue sky and  water. It looks heavenly. I am hopeful we will travel there some day.
There are two things I would like to bring home from a trip . Waterford crystal is one of them:
Some pretty flutes or
On the rocks glasses or
A compote bowl! Sigh
I would love to have a Cable Knit sweater from Ireland too! Many years ago there was a shop in Manitou Springs, Colorado called The Leprechaun Shoppe . My sister Mary and I spent many hours browsing in the little shoppe and we often used their wonderful lay-a-way plan they had. Two of the sweetest ladies ran the shoppe and they were so kind and dignified and treated all their customers with the utmost respect and gave incredible customer service. My sis and I use to buy all their music boxes and when I moved in 2001 those beautiful music boxes disappeared. So sad because I can never replace them.
I hope Jenny and Mr. Jenny can visit those grand littles in Ireland soon. Please stop by for a visit today.


Marilyn said...

Sounds like an enchanting place to visit. The music boxes sound like they were such a treasure. Packing and moving is no fun, but the loss of these would have been heart breaking. On one of our moves, a small display table fell apart and my my delicate roses from Bohm-Allen crashed to the floor. I was devastated. I can't remember the name of the roses, but they were a treasured gift from my late husband. I still have the bits and pieces as I couldn't part with them. On our trip to Great Britain, I did bring some Edinburgh crystal home. I had a lot of carry on bags back then! Hope your dream trip can be a reality someday!!♥♫

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I bet it would take a lot to keep the Jenny's from going to Ireland! I want to go just from these pics and I don't even have any cute grandlittles over there...

storybeader said...

I went to Ireland a few years ago with my family. I brought home a lovely leather purse and mom brought home a beautiful shawl. {:-Deb

Pondside said...

The pictures you've posted make me want to go to Ireland too! I hope you get there and bring home a lovely cable-knit pullover for yourself.

Alica said...

Ireland is one on my husband's bucket list! Some day, when we aren't tied down to our cows, we would love to do some traveling...and these pictures really make me want to go! Beautiful!

Theresa said...

I think Ms. Jenny should take us with her:) Beautiful place I would love to visit also! Have a blessed weekend dear friend, HUGS!

Lola said...

Great place to visit!

Many thanks for all 11 comments over at my place - so flattering! Don't believe I've ever had so many from a single blog pal all at once before!

Always a joy to visit here too!

Barbara Rosenzweig said...

Ireland is on our list of places to visit. Your photos are beautiful!

Thanks so much for visiting and leaving such lovely comments about my paintings. I look forward to hearing from you again.

Warm wishes from my phamily to yours,

Jackie McGuinness said...

Ireland is my birth place and we have visited it often, however it has been a few years now.
It is so beautiful!!

Gattina said...

Ireland is a very beautiful country, although I have never made it up to there, but I have a couple of friends who are Irish. Lots of Americans have Irish or Italian roots !

EG CameraGirl said...

It sure does look like a gorgeous place!

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Sure hope all the Phamily get to go to Ireland ! Scotland first for me as it's my ancestral home but surely would visit Ireland as well.
Love all the beautiful photos.

Splendid Little Stars said...

Oh no! (music boxes)
I would love to go to Ireland. maybe someday.
I have a Belleek cup that was my mother's, also a wool jacket.

Jenny said...

My son has been visiting a lot of castles in Ireland... It seems like there are so many interesting things to see!

It is incredibly beautiful!

That's too bad about your music boxes... It always boggles my mind how things like that disappear.

Thanks for linking to the letter "I".