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Friday, June 12, 2015

Alphabe Thursday

Don't these three look like triplets? These three darlings are Jayden (precious grandboy turning 4 this year). Andrew my beautifully handsome grandson and daddy to these two darling boys. Michael (Mikey) the brand new addition the the phamily. I figured Ms. Jenny and the Alphabe Thursday gang would enjoy my "D" for Darling post.
Jayden was looking like a rocker dude til he decided he wanted this new haircut! He is so grown up. He told me recently "Grammie you can not say the word "stupid" because it is very naughty! "So I said how about "Silly Goobers"? He said to me," Hey grammie, please say it again, it's funny!"
A darling smile from Miss Drazah! She turns four next month and she is such a doll! I love having her around too.
Tarrah is the Darling of Andrew's life. She is a precious little mama too! With tiny, tiny baby
Rebekah and Nick and I took a little trip on Tuesday to the Wild Animal Sanctuary. It was a blistering hot day and I wish we could have done it on a different day but it was a very wonderful experience. The tiger on the left is one of many of the rescues. Most of the animals here have been rescued from people who thought, "Gee, let me buy an exotic tiger or a grizzly bear!"  Never thinking they would grow up into an 850 pound bear. Hmmm....most all of their stories were horrific and these rescue volunteers are true saints for saving these beasts from death and other doom! You may see this wonderful rescue Here. They run this place strictly on donations so it was an amazing experience. It is located in Keenesburg, Colorado about forty minutes from my home. I am glad we had the experience. Itook a little video of one of the bears having an afternoon bath to refresh his soul. He was quite the show off. Here is a photo of this fellow enjoying the cool water on a hot day.
He was too quick for me to catch him under the waterfall. He thought he'd rather not show off  anymore I suspect!
 We have two cats, Rose and Mr. Kitty but they often feel fearless like the King of the Jungle, The Lion. I suppose because they are ancestors to these majestic creature. Lots of the animals were resting under their shady homes due to the heat of the day but the experience was one I will not soon forget.
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Grantham Lynn said...

Oh sweet post. You are blessed! I've more vacation posts planned. It was a great area to visit! You'll love it. We want to take the grandkids! Have a good weekend.

Betty said...

Those three sure do look alike. Definitely a family resemblance. Darling grandkids! I'm sure I'd enjoy that animal sanctuary. I just remembered...I forgot to go back and click on the link. I'll do it after I send this comment on it's way. I didn't think it got that hot in Colorado.

Your comments on my blog don't come through by E-mail so I can't respond. It wasn't always that way, but for some reason I'm no longer getting them by E-mail.

Mevely317 said...

Truly darling kiddos, Anne!

I'd really like to experience that sanctuary someday. Those folks are eery angels on earth, aren't they? ('Course, given enough money and enough land, I might be one of those found guilty for trying to domesticate a bear of my very own. LOL)

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Not having any babies in the family, I enjoy seeing other people's darlings. And yours are darling, Anne. :-)
The View from the Top of the Ladder

LV said...

Always enjoy hearing what you and the little ones have been up to. Jayden looks so nice with a haircut.

Sarah said...

Darling boys! It's fun to see these cuties. Happy Weekend!

Theresa said...

They DO look like triplets:) Isn't it funny how different a haircut can make a little fella look so grown up? I know you all enjoyed the trip to see the wild animals:) Have a blessed day dear Anne, HUGS!

Edna B said...

What wonderful family photos. It's amazing how quickly these tiny babies grow up into adults. Have you noticed how if you look at the adult face at 40, 50 or more years, that you can still see the baby face in the adult face? I think it is simply amazing.

It's wonderful you were able to spend a day at the zoo. These animals are truly amazing, and so very interesting to watch. I don't think I'd want one for a household pet, but I'd love visiting with them at a zoo.

Today it is sunny and warm, while the clouds pop in and out as though the weather can't make up its mind about sending us a bit of rain. We could use a bit of rain as long as it does not flood.

Yesterday, Pogo got his hair cut, and he looks so spiffy now. I think he feels much cooler too. Right now, he's sitting in front of his door, giving a piece of his mind to anyone crossing by the front of our property.

I'm trying to decide whether or not I want to cook up a pan of scrambled eggs with green peppers and onions. Hmmmm, it does sound tasty, so maybe I'll make it up for lunch. Better yet, maybe I'll put it between two slices of bread (with butter). Oh my, now I'm getting hungry!!

On that note, I'll take my leave. You have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Edna B.

Anonymous said...

This is a darling post! You have a beautiful phamily.

Intense Guy said...

Aw. There is something "rejuvenating" about little babies. :)

Joy H said...

What a great looking family you have there. They are so much fun, especially the little guys. Have a great week :)
Joy @ Books and Life

Leovi - La Fotografía Efectista Abstracta said...

I love a beautiful baby, wonderful!

Jenny said...

Silly goobers! Ah. I can see why this made your darlings smile!

And they are just delightful little darlings!

Thanks for sharing them with us for the letter D.