Friday, June 5, 2015

Just thinking...

I admire my bloggy friends who post every single day. There are the sweethearts like my dear friend Theresa in Georgia who posts the most wonderful and positive posts each day. She has one of the most beautiful phamilies I have ever had the honor of knowing. I am in heaven when I read her words and see her photos. This is how God intended for us to love our phamilies.
Who knows Barb? You would have the honor of knowing a super cool chick. I say this because she and I have been friends since the ripe old age of 13. We were pen pals ages ago and we have stayed in touch. I was honored to stand up with her as maid of honor at her wedding in 1976. She had an aunt named Pinky and that lady was the most awesome person. She never judged us, she rolled right along side of us and we enjoyed spending time with her.
We were so young and we were getting ready for Barb's wedding to Carl. We are standing in front of Pinky's front porch. I will dig into my photos and find a picture of the terrific lady herself. But the one I have has her wearing blue.
I want to be happy and I don't want to drag anyone down but this quote, pretty in pink, is being shared for  Beverly and the Pinkies at Pink Saturday.

 I think this represents such a good message. Everywhere we go today, someone has a radical opinion of this or that or the other! At Face Book, many are obsessed with the political battle coming our way. I want to share my new great grand baby. I want to laugh and enjoy my friendships. Sometime people can be cruel and I do not think they realize it.  At Face Book I have many friends or phamily who sometime use inappropriate language or posts. I love them, I just hide those things. I like keeping things light at FB. At my blog, I am more open and I will share prayer requests. I will listen to your stories, I won't judge you. I think we have gotten anyway from who and what we are. My father use to say "Always be glad God is the judge of mankind, you should not worry about things you can not control." He was right. The world is going backward. We see things we never would have thought of twenty years ago. This second quote, also in pink, represents how I feel about so many of you that care about me and visit me regularly and I thought it was great in pink too!

My perfectly brewed pink tea called Strawberry Lemon Twist. I had this delightful tea on Wednesday with two of my beautiful daughters, Noelle and Rebekah. Noelle found "The Huckleberry" a  wonderful restaurant in a lavender building. I had to add this share for Pink Saturday too.
A touch of Love is...if you know me at all, you know I have hundreds of these little sweethearts to share.

My city of Northglenn has a bridge connecting me from one end of my little city to the other side. This wrought iron fence runs across the I-25 corridor. I took this photo last March 28th 2014. You can see snow on the hood of my car. The fenced area is well light as you may be able to see and keeps pedestrians safe and out of harms way. I thought TexWisGirl and the participates there might like this. I think it is a Good Fence.

Charlotte has held true to Spiritual Sunday and I must admit I have been terrible in keeping up with it. I enjoyed all the folks who shared their thoughts and when I see someone I know sharing I hop right over. Today I wanted to stick with my friendship post and these two verses speak volumes. I am not sure everyone would be willing to lay their life down for another but we know Jesus did so that we might live and soldiers all around the world lay their lives down for their fellow man and their country. I never forget to pray for these precious people. They do a job I will admit I could not do. I am grateful for their service and saddened by their loss of life and lately it seems everywhere I go I see tributes to fallen soldiers. Pray for their phamilies.

I always try to be faithful in prayer. Today my list is quite long, Anthony, Cheri, Michael, Tiffany, Angie, Ryan, Tim, Michael. Lots of hurting people and I want to pray for them along with you. The bible is very specific about prayer. Here are some words I have read there:
I know my post ran quite long as I had much to share. I wish each and everyone of you who stops by a beautiful weekend. We are heading to our hometown of Pueblo for a dual graduation party for my niece Kate, who earned her RN degree. It is also a celebration for her younger brother Troy who graduated from high school. Keep us all in your prayers for safe travels. Enjoy a beautiful day my friends!


Terra said...

This is a wonderful post full of good things. We share the same opinions on many things. One of my BFFs stopped being on FaceBook a few days ago, because of the elections coming up in 2016. I miss her FB posts but she felt she had to step back. Have a lovely Friday and weekend.

LV said...

You covered a lot today and did it very well. I do not have Facebook. Did once, but after seeing what people put on it, got rid of it. Some things absouletly rediculous. I am gald our paths crossed once.

Theresa said...

What a sweet post! I really do love my family;). I treasure your friendship too and love all of my blogger buddies including you. I feel blessed to have these friends to share my day with and to pray with! Have a blessed weekend dear Anne! Hugs

Rebecca Nelson said...

Gosh I've missed you....

Precious post, Anne.

Love to you~

Rebecca (from A Gathering Place)

TexWisGirl said...

sorry you missed the fence cut-off, but do feel free to link this next thursday if you like!

i don't facebook, tweet, pin, instagram or anything besides blog. i've been fortunate to share the world with mostly kind souls in blogland. :) i think bloggers, by and large, seem more supportive of each other than more cruel or cutting social platforms. :)

NanaDiana said...

Have a wonderful and safe trip, Anne. It is always fun to see old pictures of old friends that are still friends --and get better with time. I have a list of blogs I love, too, that make my heart sing each time I visit them. Happy weekend to you. xo Diana

Sarah said...

Enjoyed your post full of great quotes and fun photos. Long time friends are truly blessings.
Have a great trip.

Edna B said...

What a lovely post. Friends are very special indeed. As for Facebook and all the other social media, I don't use them. I go on Facebook once in a while to make sure different friends or family are okay, but that is about all. I post whatever I want to share on my blog.

My blog also serves as a personal scrapbook of sorts. Twice a year, I have it printed up into book form to save for my family. This is not possible on Facebook and the other social media.

Your photo from the 70's brought back lots of nice memories. And I loved the photo from the bridge. A beautiful early morning travel shot.

Enjoy your time with family this week. Have a wonderful time. Hugs, Edna B.

Intense Guy said...

I'm sure the feeling you have for your bloggy friends is mutual... it is in this case. :)

Dana of The Stone Rabbit said...

This was a great post....full of inspirational words and pictures! How great to have such a long time friend. And that tea looks/sounds yummy.

Have a safe and happy trip. Dana

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

Family and friends are the very best and truest form of support all given to us through the love of God. I am thankful too for friendships like yours and all of my other blogging friends. I was on FB several years ago but have not returned, I think about it and maybe someday I will revisit it!
Warmest of Hugs,