Tuesday, June 30, 2015

/Love is.../Blue Monday/Aw...Monday/Fearless

 I missed Blue Monday! Frustrating, because I love it a lot and I also missed Aw...Mondays! I am putting my post up here anyway. I am mixed up on my days. Busy trying to get the painting done and the heat is so uncomfortable. I know, I know, excuses!
I am sharing this google image. My nephew Joe and his pretty bride Jessica were married Sunday in Florida. They all wore touches of blue. I am waiting for them to come home from their family trip/honeymoon so I can ask Jessica if I may borrow some of her wedding photos to share here. In the meantime I like this blue rose trimmed wedding cake.
Keeping with the romance and wedding theme I love this Love sweet and reminds me of the love I see in Jessica and Joe's eyes. They have eyes only for each other.
Laughing out loud! If I know only one thing about cats, they do not like to be held or bothered with! This was so sweet. I figured I would still share it for Sandee and all the shares with Aw...Monday!
Ninety five degrees is way too hot for me to go on a hike! I chose to stay home and work hard indoors with my a/c on! My tiny middle is getting ready to take on a new job at her office.  She starts it soon and she loves to go hiking and release her mind from all the cares of the world.
Nick looks like he is conducting an orchestra from a top the mountain at Chautauqua Park.  The city of Boulder is tiny in the background.
My handsome Nick and grandson Colton, two of the most handsome young fellows I know! Taking a break from the rocky climb.

Three of my loves, Nick, Colton and Rebekah.
Colton is fearless. He does par kour so this is a walk in the park for him! I love the view!
Colton is a climber. When he was very small I turned around and he was gone. I heard him giggle, "Hey Grandmother, up here". He had scaled our roof in a matter of moments. He still loves climbing.
This is a young man who loves living on the edge. I pray a lot as you can well imagine!
The view from up here is magnificent. I hope Sally will stop by to see my blues anyways.
Adding a few prayer requests here. Pray for Noelle, she has an interview for a different position at her workplace tomorrow. Please pray for Joan, her cancer has returned and she is going to see a new specialist to find out what options she has. This gal is a prayer warrior and a fighter. She is always grateful for pray. Bailey is 7 years old and she had such severely swollen lymph nodes her mom is fearing the worse. Please pray as she was released from the hospital and has an appointment today to see if they have any new information. I also appreciate the prayers for myself while I keep searching for work. Thank you and if it is hot where you are chill out and stay cool. Thank you.


LV said...

Mercy Ann, you and friends have got to have better days. Sorry so many going through such difficult times. I loved your blues and am sure Sally would to.

Cindy's Stitching said...

Prayers sent out. I love the the pictures. The cake looks so good.

Terra said...

Congratulations on the wedding in your family, and all your hikers and climbers and prayers for good news for the concerns you describe.

Mevely317 said...

Oh, I never tire of your phamily photos, Anne. Rebekah is indeed tiny ... I didn't realize how much so!

That photo of the kitty just cracks me up. Maybe that's partially why I never chose to adopt a cat ... I need something that will cuddle-on-demand. (smile)

Proud to stand among your prayer warriors!

Sandee said...

What a lovely post. I'd be in the A/C too. Way too hot here for being outside for very long.

I love the cat picture. Cats do not like to be held one bit. Not one bit.

Have a fabulous day and thanks for linking to Awww Mondays. ☺

Kathe W. said...

cats are picky! Best wishes to all your family!

Intense Guy said...

I love the views of Boulder! I'd walk up for the view but not when it is that hot!