Saturday, July 25, 2020

Random weekend Stuff

Just a random photo from our trip to Holly in October 2019. We stopped in Longmont because Christal and Alex were having a birthday bash for Alexis. We are excited to cook with Christal in a few weeks when Hannah and Jake come to town.  Mexican buffet ! Y U M M Y !

I am not terribly fond of these massive trees in my yard but I do love the cross that forms on top of them.
I love baseball but not a fan that the MLB is now jumping on the political correctness wagon too.     U G H ! It is weird watching games with these cardboard cutouts of fans. Yes, I already know "W" and his wife are Texas Ranger fans but Good Gracious, must I be subjected to their glaring faces while trying to watch a game. Not a fan of globalists! Leave politics out of sports. I think many fans are jumping off the wagon themselves. We want baseball not politics. Choose a career! The ship has already sailed for the NFL. People want good clean fun in sports not your political opinion. Go to your state capital and sign up for a political job. Get out of sports!
During all the chaos my favorite Rockie and his wife packed up their truck and hung out their sign:

Don't even ask my opinion of the globalist who threw out the first pitch for the National's
 home opener. Don't tell me to wear a mask, say it doesn't help and not wear one yourself while sitting shoulder to shoulder with your wife and another person in the stands! You can not even pitch a ball why are you so important to sit at a game out in the fresh air? Whoever said you pitch like a girl just insulted every chick I know who would have smoked that ball into that catcher's glove! Utter nonsense in our country. Do as I say, do not do as I do! I watch baseball because I love baseball. I do not need your politics thrown in too!
Did the space ship take a wrong turn on the way to Roswell? Just asking for a friend.
That baby elephant is having a good time, skipping through life, not a care in the world. I miss times like those.
My life belongs to GOD. I don't owe the world anything but to pay my taxes.
When Jesus speaks, I listen. In fact, I woke up for a moment last night, I must have fallen asleep while praying for a friend's husband. I heard a man's voice call my name. I sat up, my hubby was fast asleep and I looked around and sank back into my pillow. If I Learned one thing from it, it is that God is always listening when we ask in Jesus name.


Brian said...

I'll bet your trip was really fun. Love that baby elephant, so happy and adorable!

Terra said...

I am not a fan of globalists either, they are a threat to our country in my opinion. Keep politics out of sports please, I agree. I do wear a mask whenever I venture to where people are and are glad to see most others wearing them too, here in California. I am sure I would enjoy an in person chat with you.

Mevely317 said...

A Mexican buffet, you say? Be right there like Speedy Gonzales!
Tom and I are both so disgusted with the professional ball players' groveling; I don't care if I ever watch another NFL game. What dark days we're navigating. Thank you for continuing to share your light!

Edna B said...

I'm not watching my favorite sport, baseball. I'm not happy about the political correctness that seems to be injected into it. I am not politically correct and I don't want the world around me to be that way. I am wearing my mask around other people because at my age it is so easy to catch any virus. I also have wipees and hand sanitizer handy. At home, I'm just me. Stay well my friend and have a great day. Hugs, Edna B.

p.s. I love that little elephant!

pilch92 said...

Nice photo of you and your hubby. My hubby loves baseball so he watched the Red Sox opening game. I was quite annoyed when several players were kneeling during The National Anthem like the football players do. XO

messymimi said...

That elephant picture is a wonderful smile-maker.

People paid to entertain or play a sport are certainly allowed to have their political opinion, but it is no more or less valid than yours or mine. Just because you have become famous does not mean you know more about what is right or wrong in the political situation than anyone else.