Thursday, July 16, 2020

Thankful Thursday

I am running all day everyday so I may change my posts a bit. I do not want to give up my favs like Sandee and Brian host along with Ellen and Lorrianne. So I guess I will go back to doing my own thing. I am also working on catching up some posts so they are easier to release. Life seems hectic and I don't like that, It seems it is hard to get anything done without a huge fight. I am saving my energy for the weekend, especially the SONday brunch we have planned for the hubby and his sister. We always do biscuits and gravy as it is quick and makes a ton of food for all. We will have veggie and fruit trays . The hubby loves chocolate cream pies so I will take care of those and possibly cupcakes to make the choice of chocolate or white cake easy for everyone.  Rebekah makes an excellent pasta salad and Jeremy cooks up a nice batch of bacon. Rebekah likes to have a mimosa bar so orange juice, cranberry juice, apple juice and more will be provided. The last brunch we had was a great success and we look forward to hosting them at least once a month.
We may have some silver dollar pancakes and of course scrambled eggs. Now Brody is a diced ham and eggs kinda guy so I may make a batch with ham and one without. When I worked in a medical office, the hospital next door made some wonderful breakfast foods. Sometime they would make a special treat, scrambled eggs with chives and cream cheese. It was delightful.
Those two are keeping secrets. Maybe they are planning a food fest soon too. Stop by and say hello to Thankful Thursday I know I am very thankful that right now we can have phamily gatherings and enjoy some good food and make memories.  Tell Brian and the feline friends hello and give them your thankful list too.
Gratitude and thankfulness go hand in hand. I am thankful for so much in my life. Here is my list today.

1) Clean Water: I wake up and drink my cold refreshing water. I never take it for granted.

2) Fresh flowers:
I have a new hibiscus plant but it is not flowering yet. It is very beautiful though when it comes to life. I love fresh flowers. This bouquet is lovely.

3) Grandkids:
Here is grumpy little guy. Poor Blake is getting ready to turn one and he is getting new teeth everyday. He is not a real happy camper. Love the grands, everyone of them, grown up or little guys like this. I am thankful for all of them.

4.) Reading: I Have a huge stack of books. Planning to read as the cooler months roll around. But I finished one and it was a difficult read. I think I need some light hearted books to mull over. I did find books about Western New York where our youngest Hannah lives with her hubby Jake. There is a lot of history. I Like to read about the places people live and how life was 100 or so years ago. Do you have any light hearted suggestions?
5) Sandee had a post about ice cream. It made me think, I need some tasty ice cream. I love it all. But one of the Good Times stores here had a custard called Chunky Chimp. Banana custard with loads of mini chocolate chips. So I will have my ice cream or custard any way I can get it but not all the time.

6) Weighing in during this quarantine :
Boy I would be very thankful if this were my current weight. But my hubby tells me not to worry because America is going to go into some somber times. We try to stay healthy but I get tired of the chronic obese posts everyone shares. There was a time a gal could weigh 126 lbs. and be considered fit and trim. Now if you are not walking around in a skeletal mode you are an obese pig. I think I will be thankful that GOD is in charge of it all and considering the darkness covering our nation, I will trust Him alone for all my needs. Fat or thin, old or young. Tall or short. Light or dark, redheaded or blonde. Blue eyes or green or brown. GOD loves all of us. It is good enough for me.
Thankful for the fact that GOD is not prejudice.
Considering all the lies we've been told, this about sums up the scare tactics. My friend Dianne, who recently turned 72 was hospitalized with a problem on her leg and a wound that was not healing. She also contracted Cellulitis. She spent one week at the hospital and three weeks in a rehab center. Guess what she did not contract COVID-19! In Colorado many hospitals are laying off nurses and other medical staff. This must be common core math.
Target even put up a mirror so you could try on your mask before you buy it! Think about that for a minute! As a child, my mother would never let us try hats on. Simply because if someone had, say head lice,  mom did not want to have us take it home.  I believe in being careful period. But I will not be driven to madness over this political ploy.
Finally the American Disability Act. As I shop once a week at the grocery store, I notice many disabled people around me and none of them wear masks.  You can end up in a hospital emergency room with a far worse condition, infection in your lungs, from breathing your own carbon dioxide. I think people need to stop being narcs and allow people around them to shop in peace and quiet. Isn't it enough the whole world is mad? Hate spews everywhere these days, let's at least be kind.
People may not like my posts but I speak from my heart. I am truthful about what is going on around us and I have heard this from my hubby for all the years we've been together. Life is changing and unfortunately not for the better. I won't be like this:

                                                                        THE END


Sandee said...

Hubby would love your biscuits and gravy. His favorite breakfast.

We wear masks, but we know the numbers are not correct. I don't know one person that's had this virus. Not one.

Have a blessed Thankful Thursday. Big hug, honey. ♥

Mevely317 said...

Anne, you're making me soooo hungry. That birthday brunch sounds wonderful. Doesn't seem so long ago, if I saw my bathroom scales read 126 I'd have been so disgusted. Even tho' I'm observing all the keto rules religiously I'm only down 2 lbs. in a month. Who'd have guessed, exercise -- or lack thereof -- would make such a difference. So blessed to have such a supportive hubby to remind me I'm so much more than a number.

messymimi said...

Your family brunch sounds like a fabulous tradition.

Because i take care of very vulnerable people, i mask up, but i do not complain about those who do not. It does not matter if it is flu, a cold, anything, i do not want to get anything that i can accidentally bring back to my elderly clients that might make them sick.

Brian said...

That's a nice thankful list. Our Dad sure does like biscuits and gravy too. Hey, thanks for the Target head-shaking giggles. Those masks are something, we sure wouldn't ever buy a mask that someone else had on their icky face. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

pilch92 said...

I am glad you still want to do the fill-i posts :) Also glad you can gather with your family. Sounds like quite a feast is planned. Sorry your friend has so many health problems. My sister-in-law had cellulitis once and it was quite painful. XO

Edna B said...

I'll wear my mask around other folks. When I need to take it off for a while, I'll make sure I'm not near other folks. I do not want to catch anything, seeing as how my kids have worked so hard to keep me safe from the virus. All that food looks delicious. Now I'm hungry! Enjoy your brunch, hugs, Edna B.