Saturday, September 4, 2021


 Our Saturday morning started out nicely. Avery and I went out to breakfast. When he says, hey how about breakfast at the Delectable Egg? I hop up and make a quick dash to the door, after I am properly dressed and all that good stuff. 

Roosters Surprise and my cute new Morgan I won from LuLaRoe Sandra Hicks just for answering a question. I would see everyone winning everyday and wondered , would I ever have a turn? Yes, I and I was excited.

Avery's Fiesta Skillet with an extra side of yummy green chili. Oh, it is getting to be chili season and chili weather. Sigh....time to fill our freezer and visit LuLu's Farmers's Market and Palumbo's farmer's Market. They roast 'em, we peel and freeze them. But always wear gloves!  It is a messy process but all winter long we have chilies for all sorts of dishes.

11 However, in the Lord, neither is woman [a]independent of man, nor is man [b]independent of woman. 12 For as the woman originated from the man, so also the man has his birth through the woman; and all things originate from God.


Oh no my friend, I am far from strong.

What you are seeing is 

simply a weak person

With a very strong


Soooooo....this is from Joni. She is a LuLaRoe friend too. She loves birds and lives in an area in Pennsylvania where the birds seem to flock to her home. Sometime people would be annoyed that she shared beautiful bird photos and would tell her so at social media! I guess we know what not to buy for those naysayers at CHRISTmas. No Birds and Blooms magazine subscription for them!

As a child growing up my parents had two canary birds. They were Oliver and Elmer and they lived very long lives. They sang so cheerfully and at night they were so quiet in their little covered cages. They brought us great joy and they loved my mother. When she cleaned out their cages they were so kind to her, never pecking at her and she use to have a little porcelain bathtub. They would furiously wash themselves. I wish I had the technology we have today so I could have shared them here. I remember so clearly how hapy they would be when mom would bring them a bathtub filled with fresh water.  

I would rather listen to Joni tell me about birds than to listen to the constant hateful battles going on at social media. Sing me a song Birdie! Are you a fan of birds? We attempted to save birds who fell out of their nests when the kids were small. We never had the success but I admire those who care for wildlife. 

Being raised in the Catholic faith I learned so many wonderful stories of saintly men and women. Francis of Assisi was one of them and he loved all animals. I still have books about saints. For a special occasion my mother would take to the downtown store that sold Catholic memorabilia. I have many volumes of books about saints and could probably pass a quiz about their lives if I had to. My mother made sure I read during the summertime. It was to be expected where I attended school. So by the end of high school, I had ran all of the classics, Don Quixote,  The Catcher in the Rye, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Little Women. There were dozens of them and I am always very grateful I was asked to complete a summer reading list. I still love reading to this day. But my all time favorite book, in the history of books, is To Kill A Mockingbird. Many years ago when I had a very successful postcard giveaway I met a blogger from Alabama who lived in the same town as the author of that book Harper Lee. She sent me many postcards of the courtroom where the trial was held and many other notable postcards. I still have them and treasure them. I also loved the author Pearl S. Buck. My Uncle Louie had a large classics collection and he let me borrow and read her book The Good Earth . I purchased my own copy years later and still love that book. My friend Iggy a/k/a Karl told me Pearl S Buck lived up the road from him. I was so jealous! Karl went thrugh some difficult times. First he lost his dad, than his mom and than his health became very poor. He says he is better but I miss him blogging as he was a real history buff and could tell so many wonderful stories. I still pray for Karl and hope he stops by someday to visit here.

Three wonderful ladies participated in my postcard giveaway (right hand side bar). I have been collecting little gifts to send to each one of them and hope they know I have not forgotten but was wanting to put some fun into those gifts. One gift I had hoped to send each one of them, was a delicious toffee from a small company in Nederland Colorado. I see they are no longer on line and it made me very sad. I am guessing they either went under during 2020 or simply gave up the business. Years ago a fellow in Evergreen, Colorado sold potica loaves. I found him quite by accident and he used the recipe where my two sets of grandparents came from in Ljublana, sLOVEnia. I would order from him and two Christmases ago he posted that he was going through a rough divorce and had to close his business.
As for the postcard giveaway I suppose many people were not getting out and about when I started it and it made me really sad. I found out tons of great info from various bloggers and even received cards from abroad. I have saved every single postcard and have a bound notebook where they all reside. Our son Jeremy took his phamily to the North Pole a/k/a Santa's Worksop which sits at the base of Pikes Peak. He sent me a postcard from there last SONday but alas, still traveling through the mail system, although we are about 70 minutes away from there.


Terra said...

Your dress in the photo in the restaurant is very pretty, I like the pattern. I enjoy sending postcards and letters, old school, I know. The recipient can hold and enjoy the cards long after they were sent.

Brian said...

Going out for breakfast is a good way to start any old day!

Ginny Hartzler said...

This restaraunt sounds awesome! We are birdwatchers, and love it!

Edna B said...

Listening to birds chirping and reading books are two of my favorite things. Enjoy your day, hugs, Edna B.

Mevely317 said...

Congrats on winning that new blouse, Anne. You look so cute! While in Arizona we used to love trying new places for breakfast -- our favorite, The Eggery, made the best omelets. And what I wouldn't give for some of Avery's green chile. (Can't wait to order my own from Hatch next month.)

Now I'm remembering my own canary, "Bob." My mother used to love hearing him sing.

pilch92 said...

I will take what is on your plate instead of Avery's. :) Darn about the toffee company- I LOVE toffee. XO

messymimi said...

We haven't been out for breakfast in ages.

Love your post, yes i'd rather read about birds than about the social media tripe that's out there.

Theresa said...

YUMMY breakfast gets the day started right! I have enjoyed my hummingbirds and the cardinals who visit me often. I love my LuLaRoe collection and wore leggings at the lake this weekend. Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!