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Monday, January 4, 2010


Today would have been the birthday of my mother Cecilia. She was a wonderful mother who taught me how to raise a wonderful phamily. I also collected many tasty recipes from her. She was stern as my dad worked in a steel mill while she raised the children, five of us. But she was a good mother with a terrific sense of humor and she was a great cook! I did inherit her some of her kitchen skills but she could never make a good homemade pie crust and neither can I! But my mother made the very best home made bread, that was tasty and light as a feather. She cooked many traditional Slovenian dishes and always loved and cared for her children. She was a very traditional mother but she also had a strong will and she often spoke up regarding issues.

My parents were devout Catholic's and  they attended mass together every week. My mother taught me to be kind and respectful to everyone. She taught me that life is hard and in order to get through it all you had to pray harder. My parents taught me to put God first and then phamily.They loved each other very much and I never recall hearing an unkind word slip from either one in my entire childhood. They never meddled in anyone's affairs and they raised a houseful of strong children.

My mother taught me to drive when I was 16 using my dad's 1967 Chevrolet truck. We went to the Roselawn cemetery  in my hometown and I learned how to navigate those turns on narrow little lanes.
My mom was a classy gal and she could talk to anyone about anything anywhere. She wore peddle pushers and pants in the summertime and she always had a crisp clean apron around her waist.

I miss my mother. I would call her and tell her my troubles. She always said just the right thing to make me feel better. When I was sick she always comforted me and I never wanted anyone else to stay at my side.
She knew I hated all those Christmas cakes because my birthday was in December and once she had her friend Minka who owned her very own bakery make me a birthday cake that looked like an Easter bonnet. In my entire life I have never had any other cake that compared to that one.

I could reminisce about my mom all day but I will close saying Happy Birthday to her because I know she is probably talking to someone in Heaven right now.

I am going to share one of her favorite recipes here to as well as some favorite photos of my mom.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful tribute to your Mother. You are so blessed to have had such a great friend in her. I love your recipes so far. Back to look some more. I know you must miss her - I miss my mom, too. She passed in 1995. but she surely did leave her imprint on my :)

CC said...

What a sweet,loving tribute to a wonderful mother. I still and always will miss my mother. My mother was tiny,but her strength and wisdom was amazing. They grew up in different times than we did, and I believe they could make money and food stretch so far, yet there was always tons of food and family at our house..and the food and love never ran out. We're lucky to have had such wonderful mothers..
Thank you for you visit and your sweet words..Come visit often.
I really like you blog and the recipes are homey,and so good sounding. I will definately be trying them. Have a great weekend.

Dogmom Diva said...

Gosh I just saw this post..I need to check your blog everyday since you are such a great poster.

Your mom was wonderful, I have some wonderful memories of her..She always welcomed me into your home, an almost complete stranger but you are right, she and I could sit at the kitchen table over coffee and just chat about anything..she was a beautiful lady inside and out. I can hear her voice right now..And your dad, what a hoot he was..and a loving dad. Great memories, happy birthday Cecelia!