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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bully Hill

I am in love! I am really not a big drinker of alcohol but I do like nice relaxing glass of wine and I found one that does not give me a headache! It is called "Love My Goat" and it is made in upstate New York by Bully Hill! I found it quite by accident tuning in to a wine question/answer page. I went to the local Total Beverage  liquor store that carries hundreds of brand name wines and found it last weekend for $10.99. Actually the hubby found it. I went back today to buy another bottle because I shared it with Noelle at her Sunday dinner last weekend. They were sold out. So The hubby and I drove to the Discount Liquor a few miles away and they carry it for $6.99!

It is just a quirky little thing I wanted to share. My oldest son Jeremy runs around saying "Show me the goat" and teasing everyone is his path! They carry a line of t shirts and I am going to by" the Goat " shirt for his birthday! LOL! He will love it!

My husband is a good man and he cooked a great dinner, thin spaghetti and also mostacella with yummy red sauce and meatballs! I baked the cheesy Texas toast and tossed a big salad. I added my glass of Bully Hill Love My Goat semi sweet wine and I am ready for the week!

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Debbie said...

YUMMY! Both for the wine and the meal! I will have to look for it here!