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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thrift Store Treasures & Cool Clothing

I am not much of a model but I had to share some pics of my thrift store fines. I was at my local A.R.C. store this morning and lots of items were 50 % off. I spent $26.00 and one penny and I have lots of great new items to use or to share.

I found a navy pin striped Tribeca Studio two piece suit. A nice jacket with matching dress pants for $5.00!

I found the cutest wicker hand made "Pink Lady". The detail does not show on the camera shot. Cost: 99 cents!

A kitchen plate that states "This is my kitchen and I will do as I darn please." $2!

I  found a handmade basket that is plastic but hand crocheted with paper cards of different winter scenes. Also 99 cents! This item is beautiful and the camera can not express the detail in it.

 A beautiful copy of Stormie Omartian's book "The Power of A Praying Wife" for $1.50.

Lee Rider jeans $2.49. Excellent condition.

A peachy plaid Land's End  new cotton blouse $2

A quilt pattern looking pink & pastel multi colored cotton shirt. $2.00.

A pair of navy pin striped trousers $2.49. The label says Tiramasu!

McCall's  "Stitch n Save" Pattern for a cute summer dress with matching short sleeved jacket, for 49 cents!

Two tin pictures to hang for fifty cents each. One is an apple, the other a pear!

Last but not least is my very favorite a blue sweater top with a hand cut butterfly on the front and a matching hand cut butterfly on the sleeve. My camera can't catch this incredible detail either. Cost: $3!

I am ready to wear a new outfit to work on Monday and therefore I am not freaking out about having to go back! I am just always very grateful to be working for an in demand surgeon with a busy practice.

I shopped for 2 hours and came home with many wonderful items! Tomorrow it is the Goodwill store and Monday back to the A.R.C. They are having a 50% off sale in honor of Martin Luther King Day! Woot! Hoot!


Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

Wow! It looks like you scored some great items. I am loving your cute butterfly top and that sassy little basket is such an original find :).

Thanks for being a continual encouragement and blessing to me :). Your sweet comments are so greatly appreciated.


You really did get your moneys worth! I love the kitchen plate and what it says.. I think we could all use one of them. I bet you will look great in that suit, you do in the blouse.
Blessings always. I always appreciate your visits.

Brabourne Farm said...

What a brilliant shopping spree you had - you found so many lovely things! Leigh

Suzie Button said...

You found some great bargains there! I love the basket made out of cards the best! Thanks for stopping by my blog today too! Nice to meet you! Suzie

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

You found such nice outfits and pretty accessories! I can't imagine how much work went into making the crochet basket .. that is so unique! I would have had fun browsing through the books weakness, although I'm running out of room and should donate some of mine.

Thank for your nice comment on my blog, I really apppreciate it! It does feel good to vent sometimes and get it out of our system. said...

wonderful finds..I love the new pants suit.

Nancy said...

Great finds! I am SO in the mood to go thrift shopping or garage sailing! (sic)

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Great shopping spree! Doesn't it feel GOOD to go GREEN once in a while! Clothes and cute stuff, too! Love it!

tweezle said...

Great finds! I love visiting the thrift store, and always come home with a great little goodie :)