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Sunday, January 3, 2010


I am eagerly awaiting each new day because it has been many years since I sat down and wrote! My husband Avery, our son Jeremy &  middle daughter Rebekah are all writers. I wrote a lot of poetry when I was young and my husband writes about current events and he incorporates everything he writes with biblical backup! Jeremy is a historian and he can tell you just about anything about any war or great historical event. He is also a lover of sports and would make a terrific sportscaster. Rebekah loves Shakespeare and if you don't sit still until she recites some poetic verse or fact about his life's work you will not be a happy camper at this house! LOL! Noelle our oldest daughter is the keeper of phamily information and she is the one who has an open line to all our extended phamily and friends. She has a scrap booking room that makes me jealous and this girl can turn a house into a home regardless if she were living in a cardboard box or a  "Parade of Homes" house! As my niece Karla says "Auntie, Noelle can make any place a home and she can also make you feel so loved there." Noelle is a pathological picture taker and I often thought that she would make a great  professional photographer! Even her pets stop what they are doing to get in on her picture taker time! Nick our baby is a different sort. This is a young man who actually loves Science & Math! Our other kids say "Who is he and where did you get him?" Nick is not an avid reader and his writing style would frighten a Catholic nun in her tracks! He can tell you anything about any sport. He can snap stats off the top of his head and adults revere him for sports info in case they did not have time to get their daily dose before leaving for work! He is a committed runner and this is a truly different breed of people! He likes to win and he hates losing!  Hannah our youngest daughter is an avid reader but she is not a tremendous writer. Her true talents lie in photography and she has crafty talents that I wonder where she could learned them! She is also a musical gal loving the piano and guitar as much as her sister Rebekah! Someday I will sneak into her bedroom and post some of the black and white photography she took while studying the class in high school. She also has a new talent I just found out about. She wants to learn how to decorate a really fabulous cake! We were walking through Michael's yesterday when she looked up and saw the sign for upcoming classes and told me she wants to take a cake decorator class. Her friend attends Mesa State College and she showcases some of her pastry chef talents on her Face Book account.

Friends have always told me how blessed I was to have children who came to me and to their dad when they needed to talk about things. When these kiddos were younger our house was the stopping place for all their friends just like it still is today! Everyone says we make them feel comfortable here and my husband who has great cooking skills can whip up a homemade pizza better then you can buy at the store! We have some friends from the Sudan and they are very rigid in their educational beliefs. They came to America to work hard so their children would have more opportunities then they did! Imagine that! They lived in a pretty crime infested area in D.C. when they first arrived here and sent their oldest son off to a Catholic Boarding school. He says he hated it until he came back for the holidays to his old neighborhood and many kids he knew were either dead or in jail for some horrible crime. He always thanks his parents for doing without so he could have the best possible education ever. He also visits old teachers at his school and gives back whatever you can so someone else will have that opportunity like he did. Lydia went to Catholic school with Rebekah and Bethseba with Hannah. Lydia attends Loyola U in Chicago and Bethseba at Regis here in Denver. Their youngest brother is Benjamin and he heard all about the pajama parties his sisters came to at our house. One year, when he was in the kindergarten the teacher told me at Show & Tell time he told her he wanted to grow up to make homemade pizza like Mr. Robinson! Although I doubt his parents wished for that particular career it nonetheless touched my husband's heart! At this same time I learned from the kid's mom that in her homeland the women teach their daughters how to make a special bread when they are 13. She told me that Bethseba remembered watching my husband make the pizza dough and asked his permission to watch while all the kids enjoyed splashing around the sprinklers on a hot summer day. She wanted to perfect this skill.

Tomorrow I have a whole extra day to spend with my phamily as the hubby and I took a vacation day from work. We plan to work in our office as it looks more like a storage space and take care of other phamily business so we can start off 2010 well organized and healthy!

I will continue writing about these wonderful friends and phamily members we have collected throughout our lives. I am posting a few random pics for you to see.

In closing remember "The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace." Exodus 14:14


Anonymous said...

What a cute blog you have Anne. I had a little time today so I was just boppin around your blog.

I am now a follower so I will be able to keep up with you when you make new posts.

Have a great day...Terry

Annesphamily said...

Thanks Terry I will enjoy visiting with you at your place & mine! Thanks!