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Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm A Big Chicken But In Desperate Need of A Household Make Over

I am posting a few pics and hope everyone will toss their idea's my way!

First of all I have a chair that is from my parental grandmother's house. Her home was built around 1900 so I am sure this wooden chair has had a full life. It currently resides in Nick's room and it was originally painted white and repainted apple green when I was into the 70's (ha ha, I really lived through those years) and painted all my bedroom furniture Apple Green. One of the kids scratched "Hannah Rocks" into the seat of the chair. Hmm...I wonder?! Anyway I would like to give this oldie but goodie a makeover. Suggestions?

Next I have two very vintage oval picture frames. Look at the shape and size of my maternal grandparents Wedding photo. These two empty frames belonged to my paternal grandmother. There were photos of my dad's two baby brothers who died from Influenza in 1918 and 1920. For whatever reason I shall never know, my brother gave these frames to me but took the pictures out! I was heartsick over this for a long time but got past it. Now I want to honor my Kocman phamily heritage by using these frames. They are very large. The frame is the one closest to my light switch. They are currently in storage and this wedding frame is almost identical. Any help I can get would be so greatly appreciated.

My wedding picture is an 11 x 14 so I am thinking those oval  picture frames would hold at least an 11x 14  picture. Anyone with knowledge of how I can preserve these beautiful frames but make them useful please help me here. Thanks.

This next project idea I have is this, the hubby and I have been married for 25 1/2 years and we have never had a headboard on our bed! We have a nice king size bed but as you can see the wall behind us is sad and depairing. We rent this old ram shackled house and it has a mold problem. Until we can move, hopefully this summer I would like to cover the wall because the old leaky windows the landlord had in here plus the mold problem has ruined the walls. Any idea how I could put up a drapery or curtain something to hide the flaws? I pinned up my curtain on the window so I could show the damage but I want a look for a headboard. Is this hopeless?

Finally today I want to show you my bookcase/desk. We bought these 3 oak looking book shelves in 1984 when we married. They were sturdy and well made but I think an updated look might be in order. I am not sure they could be painted but any experts out there can give me some advice. This bookcase has the drop down desk top and one is a full bookcase. The third one has two doors and two shelves inside of it. Thanks for any advice or tips you can give me.

I think if I can sort these projects out and start smaller ones first I can accomplish great things. I have my mom's beautiful cedar chest and her family's original cradle that my late uncle said he slept in first because he was the oldest. Since he was born in 1908 and everyone of my children and my mom and dad's five children and Grandma Steblay's 9 children all slept in that cradle, it has gotten incredible mileage through the years! I would like to try to clean it up and give some TLC to mom's cedar chest. But those are projects for another time.

Thank you for sharing and helping me with these smaller projects..


FleaMarketTrixie said...

The chair has great lines to it, I would give it a fresh coat of paint, maybe distress it if you like the distressed look, pick a color out of the room it will be in and go with that.


I would paint the chair... white goes with everything... you know that apple green color sounds very sweet. Maybe paint it that color again and put a flowered seat cushion on it with the same green in it?
I am a bit stumped on the headbaord.... how about just putting some particle board that has been covered with a nice fabric against the wall there?
I would paint the book case, white, or black , 2 classic shades that go with everything. and remove the door that is on it. just my humble suggestions. Let us know what you do.
good luck and blessings!

Dogmom Diva said...

I meant to leave some ideas for you earlier than this..will email you..there are so many diy blogs will send you a couple links for ideas..I think with the bookcase I would paint it white and distress it. If there are pulls or handles, I would change them out to smething vintage-y...
will email you later today...xoxox