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Friday, January 22, 2010


 I want to thank Beverly over at howsweetthesound for sharing Pink Saturday's with all of us. She is a real jewel of a lady and I admire her a lot for starting this great weekend showcase! I am having so much fun! I wanted to showcase the movie version of Grease to start my Pink Saturday ! Sandy was a cute gal but you knew she was going to get the guy! Rizzo was a tough cookie with a tougher shell hiding some pain. Marty was too busy collected guys like my mom use to collect Green Stamps! Jan liked food and we knew she wasn't going  to share any of those tasty goodies with the guys! But Frenchy was a first class gal! When she failed beauty school I was sad for her but I loved her bright pink hair! If you go to my Face Book page Anne Kocman Robinson (or click on my badge here at blog spot) you can view the "Beauty School Dropout" with Frankie Avalon singing to Frenchy! When I was fresh out of high school I took my very first job in an office. I worked for the Pueblo County Treasurer's office as a clerk and my boss was a spry 70 something woman named Mary Shomer. She raised a mentally disabled son and cared for him until the very day she died. I tell you about her today because Mary did not have pink hair but rather what I deemed to be "blueberry frost" hair! She was a very classy woman and she ran a very efficient and professional office.I learned many good job skills from  that lady including honesty in the workplace, respect for my co-workers and working hard without minding other co-workers affairs! I like to think back to those days. Mary was a wonderful boss and I enjoyed that position. Times have certainly changed and people are no longer as reliable or sincere and certainly not loyal any longer. I don't have a picture of Mary to share but I do have some nice pics from "Grease" the movie. Enjoy! Happy Pink Saturday to all and please stop by to visit Mimi and Our Family Attic! The bad thing about visiting new blogs each week, I just have to sign up to follow them! But Betty gave a great tip on Beverly's blog this week regarding right clicking the new blog so you open a new window! Took this clueless woman a long time to learn that but my kids have me that little tip when I first started surfing the web! Thanks Betty & thanks kids! I wish I could post them all but get busy blogging! There are so many great sites out there and lots of cool giveaways!


CC said...

What a wonderful pink post and I sure enjoyed it all. Wasn't Grease wonderful?? Have a lovely Pink Saturday..

Dogmom Diva said...

Hey Frenchy, also loved looking pictures of the Pham.. you are doing great!

♥Mimi♥ said...

What a wonderful Pink Saturday post! I just ♥ the fact that each of us shares such a variety of items - that's one reason why this event is never boring. Always something fun, new, lovely or interesting around the corner.

Thanks for sharing a part of yourself today☺ Cold, gloomy day today but, as always, bright and sunny on the Pink Saturday blogs.

♫Wishing you sunshine and happiness this weekend!♫

Jennifer said...

Nothing says Pink like on of the original Pink Ladies! Thank You for sharing your Pinks!
Happy Pink Saturday!
Have A Great Day!

Livin' With Hoosiers

kjsuaz69 said...

very nice post! Love the family pics :)