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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Searching My Home For Treasures

I love getting involved in different blogging days such as Shopping the House Sunday. Because today was my first Spiritual Sunday post and I had tons of  downsizing around the house to do afterward I am very late posting. But I did take a few shots of some of my favorite treasures and wanted to share them here.

I was going to save this for Pink Saturday but this is my $3 Family Dollar find. You either love or hate the pink quilted purse but I bought it because I like pink and it came with a cute little coin purse attached. I guess it could be used as a cosmetic bag too. But it is such a cute little treasure, I thought I would share because I am trying to downsize my life and I carry a really big heavy purse. So this lightens the load and even has a cell phone pocket inside!

This is a cute little "bear chair". I originally found it for a doll I had in the sitting position but it now belongs to an "old friend" and you will meet him in a minute. This little chair is wooden and painted green with a strawberry for a back. I have had it for a really long time and just recycled it for "Old Friend".

This is "old Friend". He is a bear with a tattered sweather that I bought about 5 years ago from a book vendor. He was designed by Teresa Kogut. She always dreamed  of becoming an artist and never was without a pencil or crayons as a child. At the end of the third grade her teacher Miss Garsney wrote on Teresa's report card, Teresa, I hope you have aa really nice summer! I'll bet you  will do a lot of drawing  under a shade tree. Maybe someday you will be a famous artist. I will be able to buy your  drawings!  This teachers words of encouragement stayed with Teresa as she worked to achieve her dream.. Little did either one of them know how true they would become!
Today, Teresa's delightful watercolors have a devoted following. Teddy bears are among her most beloved.
Teddy's little hang tag says "Tattered and torn My Old Friend May Be, But Life's Greatest Treasure He Is To Me."

This little guy is a favorite of my hubby's because he belongs to him! This is a blue whale salt & pepper set. His tail is actually a piece of the set! He belongs to my husband because about 20 years ago he had a conversation with a very dear friend of mine, Sharon and they had a discussion about blue whales. It is a very silly story but since that time Sharon will randomly send him a blue whale and when he opens the package we both crack up! The story behind this little guy (no pun intended) is one of those private jokes so I will not go into great detail. I just hope you like looking at him.

This is my mom's cedar chest. It is worn with age but I love it and I keep our sheets for our master bedroom in it. The furniture company is Abernathy Furniture Co. Here is a little info I found about them.

Abernathy Furniture Company opened in 1856 as Abernathy Brothers. By the 1870's the company reserved the back section of the city directory to illustrate their extensive line of furniture, including chairs, bedsteads, chamber sets, bureaus and mirrors. For a time in 1876, Abernathy Brothers also produced coffins and coffin trimmings. The building is now used for lofts. It is in Leavenworth, Kansas.

I am currently using my mom's cedar chest as a coffee table. The top is worn but the key & lock still work like a charm. It is the most vintage piece I own.


My final item I found shopping in my house was some pretty tiny print fabric, it is a creamy light coffee with flecks of turquoise. My friend Alyn is the seamstress and she is going to help me make a full apron with a pocket. I found the pattern for the dress with jacket at the A.R.C. a while back and she is going to help me make a cute Spring/Summer outfit. I will keep you all posted.

So please hop over to Finesse Your Nest and thank our gracious hostess  Kendall after she returns from her kids free skiing vacation at Lake Tahoe.

I am not as crafty as most of you gals out there but I have a thing about dreaming and one day I will surprise all of you.


Nancy said...

I love shopping my home, as you know. Downsizing? It has been going on seriously here for over a year and there is still so much stuff!

Congratulations on the progress. I love your cedar chest and the history is much appreciated by this reader. Very cool.


I love that bag! so pretty and pink too! I could have used that on my trip!

Heart2Heart said...

Looks like some really great items. I am always a sucker for cute little teddy bears and have quite a few from a while back. They all have stories to tell.

My favorite dream wish is for a cedar chest like you have here and I too would keep blankets and extra sheets inside at the foot of my bed. I guess I never quite found the one I would fall in love with, but I'll keep searching.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage said...

What a great treasure chest!

CC said...

Ohhh, I love everything you've shown.
I specially love the pink bag and I want one,I want's so pretty..and the little chair is so sweet with tiny bear friend. That's the sweetest little bear ever, he's so snuggly looking. Love your cedar chest...

Kendall at Finesse Your Nest said...

I love seeing your treasures every week! I especially love the cedar chest of your Mom's! What a wonderful piece! Thanks again for linking up to Shop the House Sunday!