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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tink: An Update & Random Thoughts About Life & People in General

I started this blog because my daughter Rebekah's little poodle Tinkerbell was diagnosed with liver disease. The other night she was lying on the sofa and I tried to move her onto her little blanket! I went to lift her up and nearly tossed her over my shoulder! She is so tiny and thin. I felt so sad I started to cry.  They had a vet appointment at a new place today. She has cataracts. They said she is dying but if we could afford the $260 ultrasound they could determine what exactly is wrong with her. They can not clean her teeth because she might not  survive. It would be best to get the ultrasound but that cost is much more then we can afford.  The dental work with anesthesia is $200 additional. They said if she continues to eat, pee, try to run away (she has gypsy blood, I swear she does) and jump on the bed or sofa. If she stops, they said she would not want to continue living much longer. Rebekah is beside herself but we know this little pooch lived a very nice life for a long time. We just hate to think of the inevitable. I know it sounds silly to some but pray for this little dog and her precious owner. My daughter is struggling with this.

Now I must say all the other animals revere her. Even my big boy, kitty, Boots. He is a very finicky old chap and would make a fine ole bachelor Englishman if he were human. He has that look about him, "Don't bother me!! Sigh! Exasperated! Smokey and Stella have been spending many days in their "box", the kennel but living here again, they have more freedoms and they are very well mannered. They are very careful around Tink and the "horse" as we affectionately call Smokey daintily prances around her. Stella has taken to lie close to her and gently set her paw on the "old girl". Rose is skittish and steers clear of the mess of dogs! She is a weird little cat and likes her privacy and quiet times. Bandit is much more relaxed since Jeremy returned home. He is a funny little ole dog and he even steps back from the water bowl if he sees Tink approaching.

I look at this collection of furry friends and I think, wouldn't  life be perfect if people could act this same way. If everyone stepped back and smiled or made a kind instead of curt remark to someone else.

Today, a psych hospital called us, needing to speak to my doc about one of our patients. Due to Hippa, the privacy act, I will choose my words carefully. I will call this lovely patient "Lou". I took the phone call the day this patient called to ask if we accepted new patients and then how quickly she could be seen. She was chatty & flighty & very nervous, She asked me my name and a bounty of questions. Later she connected with one of our M.A.'s, Monica. Then between myself & Monica this patient called numerous times asking to speak to one or the other. We laughed about it and when she would call we would wonder who she would ask for. I took that call today and my heart sank when the doctor said her name. She said she was admitted for suicidal tendencies. I thought of the numerous times I spoke with this lovely person and I started to pray for her. Monica and I talked and we both felt she was reaching out to us. I think perhaps because of our kindness she was hanging on to a single thread. We aren't sure. We don't know how many other doctor offices she contacted seeking some type of relief but we both agreed we were glad we treated her with the respect and kindness and dignity everyone deserves.

I am not blowing my own horn or asking you to pat me on the back. But I am so grateful to have been raised the way I was and I also will thank my Catholic school upbringing .  Those three "R's" came in handy many times in my life. Religion,Respect, Responsibility. I am not a religious person per se. I am rather a child of God. I am  a believer in my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ and I wish I could be a better example of His Christian values many times during the day. But I never lose that respect for others and I always try to be a responsible person.

My husband and I have have had a group of kids planted at our home many weekends through the years. Last night Rebekah's dear friend Alyssa stopped by one last time before she left today for Chile. She is a student at the University of Wyoming and will attend classes in Chile for the next year. When she left, she said "I have to go tell my mom bye". We all said in unison "NO!". This little gal spent many many nights with my girls because her mom & dad, both divorced and into "other relationships had no where else to turn. My home has always been a safe haven for these kids with broken families, broken hearts and broken dreams. I look at her and I think all the things we said and did for this girl through the years paid off! Her parents probably will never change, being into the "Me" scene. But we can smile when we think of the memories we shared with this beautiful girl and we wish her much success and much love! Please pray for her that her trip to Chile is a safe one and she has a wonderful learning experience. Because of all the tears that were being shed, they would not let me use my camera! Drat!

I just want to end my post with this thought, a kind word is worth so much more then a cross one. Keep those in your life close and always pay attention to them no matter how busy you get. Give a stranger an extra smile or simply say a kind word.

Have a great Thursday!

Eloquence is a painting of the thoughts.
Blaise Pascal

Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much.
Blaise Pascal  


Heart2Heart said...

Oh so many things going on in your life right now. I never think it's silly to pray for our pets. I think that are furry angels in disguise sometimes because they seem to know what we need even though we never ask.

I am praying that you will be able to hopefully raise the money to get the ultrasound or someone will offer it to you at no cost. God likes to do things like that, so I will ask for that.

Praying for you and your friend headed to Chile and it's quite obvious that you've meant the world to her as well.

Be sure you stop by today for a last minute opportunity to participate in two giveaways for tomorrow.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Suzie Button said...

Oh, I am sad for your ill pet. I can totally understand because we had to put down our first English Springer Spaniel last year and I am so in love with the two i have now. I was lovin' on them just this week and got teary thinking how unselfish their love is for me and how much it means to me to be able to have them just nearby me all day long. You're right we all need to be more like our pets. Good for you helping out kids who need a place that feels like home to visit and someone to pay attention to them!
Thank you for visiting me so often at my blog, you're such a sweetie! Suzie