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Friday, February 19, 2010


I want to say that I wish Beverly, our gracious host for Pink Saturdays well. She has been under the weather and we need to continue to pray that she gets stronger each day. Thank you Beverly for being such an awesome lady and helping all of us interact through this genius idea of Pink Saturdays! Please stop over to say hello at   How Sweet the Sound.

I have some Pink finds this week that include
"The most expense gift I ever bought." according to my oldest daughter Noelle who purchased these cute oven mitts for me at the M & M Store in Las Vegas, Nevada! Thank you Noelle!

This is purple I know but Hannah received this beautiful live flower lei for Valentine's Day from her employer at Sonic Drive In. Unfortunately one of her managers is of Arab descent and since he does not celebrate any holiday these were put in the fridge and given out the next day by another manager!

Here is a snapshot of Hannah wearing her pretty Hawaiian lei.

Next here is some Orbit bubble gum I bought. See the pretty pink decal on the wrapper?

I also have a pretty pink Family Dollar Store Valentine coffee mug! It has all the cute heart me sayings on it! Cost: $1!

I am jumping ahead to Easter, my absolute favorite holiday, but here are two cute Easter treats, two egg cups, one pale pink and one white with polka dots and a pink inside to it!

Here is my absolute favorite Easter candy, next to chocolate bunnies and Cadbury hard coated eggs! Peeps or in this case Hot Pink Peep Bunnies. Yummy! My friend Sharon sends me a package of Peeps in the mail every Easter.Although she lives about half an hour away this special package always makes my day and I would know Sharon didn't love me anymore if I did not get those peeps from her. I got white ghosts peeps for Halloween this year! I have had pink and purple and green and blue peeps through the years! Thanks Sharon, my favorite "sis".


Finally here is my retro Vegas coffee/tea mug from Hannah. She is so cute, she loves the old school Vegas and Fremont Street. Thanks Hannah for my cool mug!

I hope you have enjoyed some of my treasures and I hope you will visit Beverly at How Sweet The Sound and check our some of the new and old participates. I like Apron Senorita and her very lovely blog as well as Tiffanee at One Crazy Cookie. She has some yummy recipes to share. Enjoy the weekend and have a wonderful week as well! See you next time at Pink Saturday!


stefanie said...

lovin' the m & m's mittens, to cute!! have a wonderful weekend!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Pink Saturday Sweetie...
I gotta tell you, I so love those oven mitts. They are just delish looking. I wouldn't know whether to eat them or cook with them. I might get confused? I love them.

Now those peeps, omg I love sugary peeps. Pute sugar. Yep, gotta love the peeps.

Also adore the pink coffee mug. Cute. Way cute.

Thank for sharing this pink Saturday. Please stop by and let me share my pink post with you.

Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

Terry said...

I love those oven mitts...Great find!!! I have been in the M&M Store and the prices are just terrible.

Anonymous said...

Cute post..

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

Now those mitts are too cute to cook in, and since it's been so cold, I bet they keep the hands warm, too....since there are two. Cute PinkBunny Treats and LoveMugs. I'd go into sugar shock with the bunnies, so I'll have a cup of coffee. Cute post and your blog background is really fun, too....Sue

The Homemaker In High Heels said...

Adorable egg cups!

Beansieleigh said...

LOVE those oven mitts!! Your coffee mugs are cute too!.. And WHO doesn't love peeps?!! I have to thank you for your kind words regarding my previous post too! I'm still shaking my head and asking "Did I do THAT?!" (0; But I'm not sorry for doing it. It ended up bing fun, and it's definitely an experience I'll still be thinking about for a while! All in all, I think it was a GOOD thing! Happy Pink Saturday and hope you're enjoying the weekend! ((hugs)) ~tina

Ann Creek said...

OK I love the pink oven mitts. Sonic is my FAV drink stop, I usually have a diet vanilla diet coke during happy hour daily.
Enjoy your weekend.
tin and sparkle

Purvail said...

Those mits are to pretty to use. It's amazing what great little finds we can get at the $ store.

I buy peeps for my daughter-in-law...whaterever the season.

Pam said...

Love the M 7 M oven mitts. Also all the great pink photos. I also love Peeps.

Happy Pink Saturday.

Grace said...

Hi. I love the oven mits! So cute. Happy Pink saturday. Grace

suesueb said...

All your pinks this week are so cute and seem so special! I'm not a big fan of peeps but my d-i-l loves them so I brought her some in the hospital-yellow and pink!! Hope you have a wonderful pink week!

Dogmom Diva said...

Love your pinks this week, I know how expensive that M&M shop in Vegas is, ay yi yi!

Love the egg cups the peeps are so cute but they are too much sugar for me..but I love looking at them..

Have a wonderful week my friend

CC said...

I love all your pretties...the oven mitts are so sweet, and I love,love,love the egg cups... Happy Pinks,have a wonderful upcoming week.