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Sunday, February 21, 2010

More Giveaway For My 100th Post!

I am jumping the gun but I am going to give away another prize for helping me celebrate my one hundredth post. It will be coming up this week I am sure so here is the gift:

This is a Princess House Orchard Medley Soap and/or Lotion dispenser. I forgot to take a pic of the pump dispenser too but it comes with 2 kinds of dispensers and it is a collectible piece having been retired for several years. If you like the fruit pattern this is a great item to add to your collection.

All I ask of you is to become a follower if you aren't already. I will give you an entry for following me. Another 2 for finding more friends to join and you can get unlimited entries depending on how many new followers come over and mention you sent them! I will give this item away on March 5th when I draw the first giveaway the sugar packet holder in the Vintage Garden pattern. The VG item comes with the honey sticks, some Serado Valley jelly and Celestial Seasonings Sleepy Time Tea. This item will come with a $10 gift card from the Bath & Body Works store. It will also have a few other bath time surprises with it so don't hesitate come over and help me celebrate my 100th post early!


Anonymous said...

Wowza! You really know how to do a giveaway, lady! Cool beans~ I'll add your giveaway to my sidebar; I aleady "follow". Toodles and thanks for another great giveaway.

Dogmom Diva said...

I can't believe you have a hundred posts. I don't think I have a hundred posts lol..

Ok enter me lol..and I will post on my blog..

Go onto FB and post the giveaway with a link so folks can get right to it..


Anonymous said...

Hey there gypsy friend! I am following you! Thanks for the visit and sweet comment.. I am a bit rushed lately.. so i am trying trying.. but I made you my first!
Lovely blog you have here..Glad to have popped in!

Linda Stubbs said...

I am so glad I got to come over and see your giveaway. I thought I was a follower already. hmmmmm guess not. I signed up. Thank you for such a fun giveaway!

Blessings sweet lady!

Blue Creek Home said...

I love give-aways! I am glad you told me about yours. I came right over.
I can't believe I wasn't already a follower...I fixed that!

I read your newer posts and I hope that your headachy folks are feeling better.


The Homemaker In High Heels said...

Please do enter me in this lovely giveaway!Thanks for dropping by my blog:)I am adding you to my sidebar giveaway list!

The Homemaker In High Heels said...

And I'm your newest follower!

Nancy said...

I'm not sure if my comment disappeared. Anyway, congratulations on your 100th post! It goes by quickly doesn't it?

I have too many things going at once, but all are intertwined. Paint, oh, I didn't even mention I want to paint the stairs! LOL!

Such a generous sweet of you.

stefanie said...

congrats on 100, please enter me, thanks

Linda said...

Thanks for inviting me to your blog and your giveaway. I will gladly become a new follower!