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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Shop the House Sunday

I am linked, at least I hope I am to Finesse your nest over in Texas! I am posting some things I found while shopping in my own home!

This is a pretty pretty turquoise colored pillow I found at Big Lots. retail $25 Super Sale $5!

This is my poor lil sewing basket. But there is more to it then meets the eye!

My sweet Auntie Ang was a whiz with a sewing machine and created the most beautiful clothes. But she also was thrifty and smart with left over bits of this & that. She traced a hand and made a pin cushion. It is worn with age but it once sported a pretty pink lacy bow! Any volunteers to update this for me? I can send you the supplies! :)

This cute strawberry pin cushion my aunt made for me but Linda over at Prairie Flower Farm has the pattern. I "borrowed" her idea to display it in my new egg cup. Isn't it sweet?

My daughter Rebekah had this absolutely cute bag in the giveaway pile! I think someone hand crafted this. It says Bella Nimmer on it and the heart detailing is exquisite. I plan to recycle it to me! Am I awful?!

My daughter, the college woman, was dumping this treasure too! I recycled it back to myself! Who can resist Cinderella? I could kick myself for passing on an Audrey Hepburn chic handbag at the ARC a few weeks ago! Even clueless craftless me could have added new bling to her ears because the little stones fell out. Drat!

With Lent here and Easter on the way this crucifix collection is a reminder of my Catholic childhood. The first one is from a funeral. The second one I purchased at a Catholic Religious store. The third one, the colorful one, was my son Jeremy's that he received after completing a weekend retreat! The tiny blue one belonged to one of my brothers I am sure but I found it in my mom's cedar chest. I thought they had a nice message that we should remember and wanted to share.

Tea tins which I think are so cute. Earl Gray, one of my favorites, English breakfast and green tea.

I am crafty! I remember now! In the old Princess House days when I did lots of home shows we played a game called the "box game." I purchased and decorated each little box and added some bling! They each contained a slip of paper which said "You won a free gift" or "You won a free gift plus a Princess House party". People loved it and at time I was so good at it without becoming a stalker or driving people to disconnect or change their phone numbers!  I kept these through the years and they are still as pretty as ever.


Lovely Scribbles said...

Anne, it looks like you have a bunch of fun treasures to play around with. I'm stuck for ideas on the "hand pin cushion", but I love the little tea tins (Earl Grey is my favorite, too), AND I could go nuts with all that fun lace! Happy crafting, friend!!

P.s. Thanks for the sweet comment :)

Barbara Jean said...

First I have heard of this 'shopping your house' meme.
Great job!

Love the blue pillow, and your aunts hand made pin cushion. Love it just like it is!! You could just add a little stained up ribbon bow, but does not need anything thing else.

Thanks for coming by my place.


barbara jean

Sherry from Alabama said...

Thank you for sharing the pics of your treasures. And, thank you for stopping by my blog over the weekend and leaving me a sweet comment. It is appreciated. Hope you have a great week!

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

Kendall at Finesse Your Nest said...

You found some wonderful treasures "shopping" your house! I especially love the turquoise pillow and the little tea tins! Thanks so much for linking up to "Shop the House Sunday"!