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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Follow Jen So She Can Have A Giveaway!

Go to this awesome site and join Jen so she will have her 200 follower giveaway!

This girl is so darn talented and creative! I won a giveaway over at that she created! Sweet!

A picture will follow soon!My camera is on the fritz and I am waiting patiently for my middle daughter to come home so I may use her camera!

Speaking of followers, when I first started my blog back in November 2009 I begged my niece, a co worker, a blogging friend/lifelong friend and another girlfriend to P L E E Z  Z Z Z help me not look like a dork and follow my blog! Tonight I have 76 followers and you can not imagine what that means to me!

I am not a lonely girl, I have a wonderful hubby, five awesome kids, grand kids the whole nine yards! I have friends, like Sharon ,who I have known since 1987! We worked together and she sends me Easter peeps in the mail every year! They arrived at my office today! I would think she hated me if I did not get those peeps! My husband would think Sharon no longer loves him if she did not randomly send little blue whales in the mail to him at his office! But this blogging bunch of super awesome, perfectly creative, totally talented people bring something to my life that I otherwise would not have!

I have to tell you, I got involved in Princess House back in 1996 because I loved their product and I wanted to meet new people! I have a couple dear friends that I have shared good times and sad! I would not trade them for anything! But I made a mistake by letting someone who was not my friend into PH and that still haunts me! Oh sure, I got a super cool F R E E piece of product for recruiting her but....I don't like mean people in my space and sometime we do these things for the wrong reasons! She tried to stick me with $500 plus in stainless steel cookware! But a very dear and very true friend came to my rescue, bough the cookware and re joined PH! Voila! Talk about lemons and lemonade! Smile!

Then instead of learning from that lesson I got involved with her in a different project, Beauti Control! After I spent the initial start up fee ( very very reasonable)  and she backed out! I went ahead and took their training  class and met more cool people! Her loss my gain! Plus they had a really wonderful lunch and the training was held at a very cool hotel!

Ah....I take a while to learn a lesson but I like my friends to be sweet, and smart and kind and funny! Just like all of you!

I don't want to be self serving but give a shout to everyone you know so they can join me too! I have a storage shed filled with Princess House treasures and who better to share them with then all my blogging friend?

I am hoping to reach one hundred followers soon and also reach my 200th post! Then I can have some very cool giveaways! I love giving away pretty things! I love winning don't get me wrong but I love giving more! It just feels right especially when you are dealing with A W E S O M E people!


Chatty Crone said...

Good luck to you! sandie

Tim said...

Thanks for your kind comments. I plan on getting over here more often now that I am officially off of my bloggy break.

Love and Prayers,


jen said...

You are such a sweet heart! CONGRATULATIONS!
luvs and glitter

Vicki said...

Oh, I use to have PH parties back in the early 90's. Didn't know it was still around..silly me, of course it is. I still have the little dresser tray with the whatnot jar thing and the perfume bottle..but the top broke. And I love the crystal lamp I have, but the lamp shade broke a few years ago. I found an antique glass light cover thing and use it...not the same but I hate to get a whole other lamp. On and on I go..sorry..
I hope you have better friends now but I can relate.
And here's to your 200th post! Mines coming up soon too. Another reason for a giveaway (o: Have you commented for mine yet? Ends Sunday..
have a great Easter weekend