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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Have You Seen This Dog?

My life has been topsy turvy! I have struggled with instability at my office where I work. Each day I feel like I am heading into war. It is a battle zone, someone there suffering from some sort of hatred for others, festering, feeling so disconnected. So I pray. Then I pray harder and this week God is taking His time answering. I will ask for prayer right now before I have to grab my Kleenex box!

When I got back from dropping the hubby at the bus and Nick at school I went about my usually morning ritual, loading the dishwasher, checking the laundry, filling the water bowls for all the pets. I did not see Tink. I assumed because she is getting weaker she is sleeping with my Tillie in her bed. Now to make a long story short, my Tillie is my middle daughter. She is my girl that loves her little dog. Tillie is my pet name for my sweet college girl. No one else can call her Tillie. Someday I will tell you the story behind Tillie but today I am sad. Tink is missing. It appears that someone let her out last night. She ran because she has good days and she has bad days. Tinkerbell is an onery girl, she has always been a runner. We think someone hurt her when she was a puppy and running was her defense. But 14 years with us never changed her. My sweet Tillie started feeding her home cooked food. My sister-in-law Lois is a big advocate of home cooked food for pets. Her dog has a derm condition and feeding her things like beef or chicken with rice and veggies is better for her digestive system and all that jazz! So Tillie took to cooking for her dog. Tinkerbell is the reason I decided to start blogging back in November 2009. She is suffering with liver disease and the ole gal is going blind and deaf. She has lost control of her bladder and it is not pretty. But last night she ran and we can not find her.She has a microchip, $85 for being the owner of a "bad dog" who can not stay home. A lot of good it is doing us now. When my Tillie called the dog pound an extremely rude woman told her a dog fitting that description to a "T" was found mauled to death by a coyote! She said if there was a chip there was no way to id the dog! Then she said, oops, that dog was found two nights ago! Sorry!

Our only hope now is that someone kind found her and is caring for her. My daughter is devastated. But in her grief she wrote the most remarkable outline regarding her favorite book, or one of her favorites, Jane Austens "Pride and Prejudice". It is too complicated to try to explain when I am tired and sad but this girl has such talent and the high school kids she has been student teaching LOVE her! She has some sort of mesmerizing quality that draws you into the classics. She can make Shakespeare sound like he is not BORING! She is tuckered out. So she is trying to get some rest and tomorrow she will put up some posters around the neighborhood.

I will just ask you all to pray. Perhaps to some it sounds very silly but to a little girl who grew into such a remarkable young woman, of whom I am so extremely proud, that little poodle is a part of her life and her heart is breaking. If nothing else I am praying whoever found her will care for her because she is getting sicker and her tumors are growing on her little curly head and back.

Life is hard. My mother always said "Pray harder."


Pondside said...

Well, here's praying for you and your Tillie, that your little dog is alive and well and back home.
I hope your work situation smooths out too - no one needs that kind of stress!

Steph said...

Thinking of y'all and saying a prayer.

Parsley said...

You know me and my affection for dogs. I WILL pray and often in hopes you find her. Keep us updated, please.

Chatty Crone said...

Of course I'll be sending out a prayer too. That is so sad, I'm so sorry. Let us know 'when' you find her. I have to believe with a chip you will!


Lady Farmer said...

Hey Anne!
I'm so sorry about Tink! I will pray that she is found very soon!I know how devistating losing a cherished pet can be when it is unexpected ~ like running away. I lost one of my sweet kitty boys 5 years ago. I miss him lots!
Thanks for stopping in and for your sweet comments.
Blessings to you!

Jennifer Juniper said...

Don't give up hope! Friends of ours found a dog last year and it took a month to locate the owners!

Tobi Britton* said...

Oh my gosh Anne, how devastating!
Don't fear or give up- my daughter's dog did the same thing and was gone for nearly a month! I have to tell you to go online to petfinder I thinkit is the site that has ALL of the shelters in your area with daily picture updates. Ashley finally found Sid by posting sighs all over in English AND in Spanish and a spanish family had found him and returned him! He is a purebred Tiny Toy Poodle (Named Sid Viscious- my daughter's sense of humor) and she lives in Los Angeles so if you do all I said in addition to praying of course, your little bubba will make it home I am sure! (I call all of my doggies Bubba as a nickname)
I will pray as well!
Let me know how it goes.
Sparkly prayers and hugs,
Tobi and the Pixies!

Linda said...

I am praying that Tink comes home to you and Tillie. I know the heart wrenching feeling of not knowing what has happened to them. Our outdoor cat disapeared after a few months of living in our new house. Now the next door cat is gone also. We think coyotes or a Hawk. So sad. My Charlie lives only indoors. I hope someone kind finds Tink and helps her come home.

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

I am definitely praying for you right now and will continue to do so. A lost dog is one of the saddest experiences in the world. Please keep us updated.
Blessings and hugs,

CC said...

Hi sweet Anne,
First..I' so sorry about your work. I've worked in that kind of enviroment,and it's just toxic. It can literally make you ill..
And,I'm so sorry to hear about your sweet doggie being gone.I so hope she is found and returned to the family she knows and loves..I'm so sorry for the hurt it causing you and your daughter, and I will keep you in my prayers. I so hope that someone finds her and thinks to look for that chip and has it checked, and it brings her back home. I know this is a miserable time for you my friend,and I'm so sorry that I can't help. But I can send you and your sweet daughter a big hug and a prayer...

vicki said...

this is breaking my heart! I hope and pray your little sweet pet is returned to you. We LOVE our pets and I do so understand how they are your family!

Thank you for stopping by to see me - your sweet sweet comments made my day.

I am going to keep checking back here because now I will not be able to sleep until your sweetie comes back to you~~~


Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

I pray your little dog is reunited with you very soon.