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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday At My Blog

After a super busy, short staffed work day I am so grateful to be home where I am loved and cared for!~ The hubby drove in this miserable wind to pick up a pizza, my favorite, Italian sausage with mushrooms. We like to go to Bella Italia which is a nice neighborhood pizzeria that moved about 10 minuted from my house! That pizza was hot and delicious and the thin crust is ever so crispy!

I get to watch the Rockies play the Met's on t.v. with my high def so I don't have to brave the awful wind and cold to watch the game! Currently those Rockies are winning 11-3 in the top of the 8th. Ain't life grand, pizza and baseball! You really can not get life in color any better then this!

I opened my blog tonight to find out I won yet another giveaway over at  I love to follow Mary, as she is such a creative mind and posts the best photos along with some mind expanding blogs! I always have fun participating in her  giveaways! During St. Patrick's Day she asked us to write a limerick! I had not written any poetry or haiku or limericks since my college days! I started writing and one of these days I will share, the old and the new with you! But I won a  package set  called Love Fortune Cookie. I am so tickled and can not wait to get my hands on it! Thank you so much Mary!

I do not like to complain (grumble,grumble)  but my digital camera is giving me a fit! I have lovely pictures from Kat's book trio giveaway stuck in there! I will borrow my daughter's camera when I see her pass through the halls here at home. She is a busy girl, student teaching at her brother's high school with Dr. Kilduff an incredibly talented man with literature and writing skills that will give her a big boost as he allowed her to teach his class. She works three days a week and goes to school two days a week so her days and nights are full!  Her student teaching ends this coming week. Please pray for her and wish her well. One of our desktop computers is getting ready to belly up! Come summer we can get a new desk top!

Now I did a Valentine Prim Swap with Haley over at Prim It Up this past February! I stressed out about it and ended up having so much fun! I missed the Bunny Swap but I am going to participate in Mizz Mollyes
Mother's Day Bottle Swap. See her at Please come join us and honor your own mother.

I have more thoughts to share but want to close with this Maxine.


Chatty Crone said...

Glad you hubby takes such good care of you! That pizza sounded delicious.

I'm sorry about your camera and hope it is fixed soon.

Congrats on your wins of late - you're a lucky gal!


Patty said...

Go Rockies! Glad you're having a good time ;)

Lori said...

congrats on all of your blog giveaway fun is that!!! i hope you get your camera working again:)

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

A truly perfect post of the lovely M.

Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers.