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Saturday, April 17, 2010

History Made With the Colorado Rockies

Now I did not come here to rub my Rockies win in any Brave fans face! We all love our teams and before the Rockies my heart strictly belonged to the NY Yankees! My dad played the game in the semi pros and he was an excellent catcher! But he loved the Yankees! He always said go with your home team unless of course you don't have one and for many years Colorado did not have a home team to root for! But I love Ubaldo Jimenez and watching him pitch that no hitter tonight touched my heart! If anyone was deserving of this, to set the record for the Rockies, with their first ever no hitter in their history, he was! He is a quiet man, always giving the glory to God first! I know he had some great help out there tonight including Dexter playing with his folks watching in the stands! But Ubaldo is a great guy, he works so hard and one of our announcers tonight said "I bet Ubaldo is walkin in high cotton!" I have not heard that expression for many years and it was a great feeling to laugh and to smile and just have some fun after the harrowing past three days we have had with our missing pup!

So here's  to you Ubaldo Jimenez! I hope you pitch many more no hitters in your career!

Congrats to the entire Colorado Rockies! Great job guys, great job!

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Tiffanee said...

The first professional baseball game I ever watched was a Coors Field. I was hooked. Love the Rockies (eventhough I am a true Braves fan). When I lived it Idaho I could watch them on TV everyday. It was fun! So I also celebrate the making of history with you! It is nice to see something that touches your heart!! Thanks for reminding me!!