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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Help Wanted: Tea Party Ideas

I am in the process of trying to plan a tea party! I did not realize how overwhelming it could be! There are so many ideas out there and food and pastry and desserts! But I did find a hat!I was at my local thrift store this weekend and found a cute straw hat with a turned up brim and a blue daisy on the front! I want everyone to wear a hat! Why don't people like hats? OI love hats! I wish I could afford the beautiful Kentucky Derby Hats I see on line! Ah...

I have a menu planned. I am going to make little cucumber sandwiches and ham and chicken salad. I am going to go mini on everything! I have a Paula Deen cook book and I also have a book on how to plan a tea party. Any idea's anyone would like to toss my way would be greatly appreciated!

I have a friend who left a high stress corporate job several years ago to go back to school and become a chef! I think I better call her up because that girl can whip up a three layer cake like no one else! I am sure she can give me some insight!

So give a friend a helping hand! I am all ears!

Pink sounds nice. Lot's of pretty pastels!

Some lovely petit fours!

Scones! I know a gentleman named Don who can whip up the most delicious, light and tasty scones! He bakes them daily fresh out of his oven and sells them at a coffee cart he and his wife Marietta run at a local hospital. He has cranberry,blueberry and pecan! I can taste their delicious flavors blending with my steamy hot mug of tasty tea! Ah...

I have some beautiful Princess House tea  pots.
I have tea cups and mugs and pretty plates .

I am on my way! I just have to decide on a budget and then taste test all the fabulous bakery items. That will be the fun part!

Come join me and help me come up with a beautiful bash for my three girls!


sissie said...

You have all the lovely ingredients for a perfect tea.
Friends who can bake and cook, lovely china pieces and the desire to make it a real success.
What more would you need!!!
You will make it perfect, I'm sure.

There is a magazine called Tea Time that has wonderful ideas and it's fun to look at all the lovely pictures.


Dogmom Diva said...

I would serve the sandwiches, a little bit of fruit, maybe some grapes (I have a grape salad recipe that is DIVINE if you want it), some tea cookies and just toss in FUN! Wish I could come:(

Parsley said...

Strawberries are a must. I assume you will have several flavors of tea? Have fun. I wish I were coming!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

It sounds like you have all the right things to make it a success...I can help you by trying on all your recipes...I'm good at that!!!! LOL!!


Sounds like you have all you need for a great tea party. Maybe you could have little gifts to give away. Maybe teabags tied with a ribbon in tissue paper?
Have fun!

LV said...

From what you shared today, your tea party will turn out just fine. You have some lovely things. I appreciate your visit and comment.

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

What a lovely tea party you are planning. Sounds to me like you have it well in hand and I like Gwens suggestion of a T-gift for the guests! Have a great time sampling the goodies!

Heart2Heart said...

I can't think of anything else you could add except some fresh spring flowers for your centerpiece and perhaps some tea samples to send each guest home with as a nice reminder to extend this time when they feel the need.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

It sounds like you have all the makings of an utterly fabulous tea party! I surely would love to attend. :-)

Be sure to post pics!

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Screaming Meme said...

I love me a tea party...:) How about a Madhatter theme...with a few broken dishes in an arrangement for whimsy...remember the march hare who thros the teacups and funny!

I wanted to let you know I am having a giveway...please stop in and enter..:) Meme

Annesphamily said...

I appreciate all the wonderful comments! Barb knows I want that grape recipe! Anyone who wants to share a recipe, just e mail me! I am always so generous with recipes! I wish everyone come join us! I am thinking of adding my sister, her girls and their daughters too! I am going to check out the Tea Time magazine. Grapes and strawberries on on the list! Giveaway gifts would be great! I like the fresh flowers (Princess House had so many pretty vases through the years, I have dozens!) LOL! I like the Mad Hatter idea too! I saw it once in a tea book and all the guests wore silly hats!

Jenny said...

Gosh, I don't know what else you could possibly need. Perhaps a little tussy-mussy of fresh flowers for each guest? Some lovely music playing in the background? A choice of teabags?
Borrow some lovely cups from a friend so everyone can have a choice? This is going to be lovely. Can't wait to see your pictures!