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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Postcard Update!

Alabama    1
Alaska       3
 Arizona    3
California 8
Colorado  3
Connecticut    1
Delaware   1
Florida 4
Georgia  3
Hawaii  1
Illinois 1
Indiana  1
Iowa  2
Louisana 1
Maine  2
Maryland  1
Massachusetts  2
Michigan 2
Minnesota 1
Mississippi  1
Nevada  1
New Hampshire
New Jersey 1
New Mexico 1
New York   3
North Carolina  5
North Dakota
Ohio   3
Oklahoma 1
Oregon  4
Pennsylvania  1
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota   1
Tennessee  1
Texas 8
Utah 2
Virginia 2
Washington 1
West Virginia
Wisconsin    1
Wyoming  1
Washington D.C.  1

I have the following countries:

Chile 1
Mexico 1
France  2
Norway 3
England  1
Greece   1

 12 states to go! My goody box is fabulous! Spread the word!

Thanks to all who have participated so far. I really want to give away a great Colorado proud box of goodies so please send me a postcard.

I love duplicates and want to learn a fact or two about where you live.   

The sooner all the US states are covered the sooner I give the box to one lucky winner! Let it be you!  You can find my e mail on the blog!


Claudia said...

Are you collecting post cards from all the states? I'd send you come from NY, but I'm not there right now!


Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

I need to remember to send you some postcards from NC and I keep forgetting. I'll make a note and get some out to you.


Miss Gracie's House said...

You already have my state:) your family quotes so true:)
Have a great week!

Eliza said...

We can send you a MN and a ND postcards.

Annesphamily said...

The more the merrier.I received two more Texas postcards today and I love it! All the cards I am collecting are so interesting, fun and different. Please keep 'em coming! I am still 29 states short! I appreciate everyone's efforts and I truly love them all. The e postcards are quite interesting too. Please send as many as you would like. Have a wonderful week! Hugs Anne

Jenny said...

I keep forgetting to do this. I will put in on my calendar. It sounds silly but I never go where they sell them!

Carol Mae said...

Hi Anne, I would love to send you a postcard. What a great idea for a giveaway. thanks for visiting my blog and the nice comments. I'll send a card out to you in the morning. Smiles, Carol Mae

Heather's Blog-o-rama said... I have another excuse to go shopping...squeals of delight. We have some really nice postcards here in Oregon :) :) I'm a bit of a blogger-newby...where do I find the address to mail in the postcard? Where is the other give-away that you mentioned? This is fun....It must be fun getting all those things in the mail too :) :) Greetings and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

shannon i olson said...

I will be sending from ND!! so glad you mentioned this. Good "visit" with you and looking forward to getting to know you.

shannon i olson said...

Ann, are these virtual... or real. And where do I find your address if they are real, otherwise...a photo to email???
Sorry about the vertigo. I have had that a few times myself and it is awful!!!