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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Postcard Exchange Update

Ok Alaska and Arkansas! Why won't you join the fun? Delaware, I am shocked! You too! Idaho, Illinois, Kansas and Kentucky!  All the wonders your state has to offer and you won't share! Minnesota, Missouri and Montana! You are all no shows! Nebraska, New Mexico, you two are my neighbors! New Hampshire and North Dakota! You make me sad! :(   Rhode Island, you won't budge! South Carolina and South Dakota, why? Tennessee , West Virginia and Wisconsin cheese heads! Not one of you is willing to represent your fine state?

I am listing all the states that have a postcards or two or three! In the case of Texas, a very well loved state, there are seven! When you see the final goody box winner you will be sad :( that you chose not to join us! So please don't be left out! Come join today!

Those of you in countries abroad, I am waiting for you! Please come and participate! My list is so very small compared to all the fine countries all over the world!

Come join in the great fun! You will not be disappointed!

Alabama    1
 Arizona      1
California     4
Colorado     3
Connecticut   1
Florida         4
Georgia       3
Hawaii         1
Illinois          1
Indiana        1
Iowa           3
Louisiana               1
Maine                    1
Maryland               1
Massachusetts        2
Michigan                 2
Mississippi                1
Nevada            1
New Hampshire
New Jersey      1
New Mexico    1
New York        2
North Carolina  2 1
North Dakota
Ohio                 3
Oklahoma         1
Oregon             2
Pennsylvania     1
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
Texas              8
Utah                2
Vermont          1
Virginia 2
Washington 1
West Virginia
Wisconsin   1
Wyoming  1
Washington D.C.  1

I have the following countries:

Chile 1
Mexico 1
Japan 1
France  2
Norway 2

If your state postcard image is listed here you still need to send me a postcard! If you know that your state is covered, cover it again! Be proud of where you live! Blessings to you!


Angela said...

Hey girl! I would like to send you a postcard from West Virginia but I don't know where to send it to. Do you want the actual card or a scanned in card? I can do either. I thought I made a comment the other day that I would send one but I don't think you got it. Just let me know what I need to do and I'll get it done!


Parsley said... should have 2 from Oklahoma each from me. :-) My we get entered for each card? haha

I will try to mention your postcard outreach again...

Linda said...

Mine will be in the mail Tue as tomorrow is a holiday! :)

Jules said...

LOL! You are too funny!!

Look closely at the NH pic you posted. See where it says "Apple Concord" near the bottom? Well where the "D" in "Concord" is used to be my backyard! LOL. I lived in Nashua, NH for little more than a year right off Exit 1 and my backyard was really MA. LOL

Intense Guy said...

You got some cool cards! I like the one with the corn on the cob!

Dogmom Diva said...

Anne I have a new mexico card I can send you! I picked it up our trip to Cindys last Fall and its been sitting here..I should have picked up an IL when I was there, will see if she can send you an IL.


Dogmom Diva said...

Oh we are going to Vegas on Saturday for a wedding so will try to pick one up there too

Jessa Irene (Holiday-Haven) said...

How fun! I am lovin' looking at all the different cards!

norsk said...

Hi, to what address do I send cards?

Pamela said...

I can send Rhode Island. Drop me an e-mail with your address.

Tammy said...

I saw a link on Parsley's blog to yours. I live in Alaska and can send you a post card from here. Send me an email and I'll get it out to you!