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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thirty US States To Go

Alabama    1
 Arizona      1
California  3
Colorado 2
Connecticut    1
Florida 4
Georgia 2
Iowa 1
Louisana 1
Maine 1
Massachusetts 1
Mississippi  1
New Hampshire
New Jersey 1
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina 1
North Dakota
Ohio  2
Oklahoma 1
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
Texas  4
Utah 2
Virginia 2
Washington 1
West Virginia
Wyoming  1
Washington D.C.  1

I have the following countries:

Chile 1
Mexico 1
Japan 1
France 1
Norway 2

29 states to go! My goody box is fabulous! Spread the word! Today I received 2 postcards from my hometown of Pueblo, CO and place were my mama started her growing up years, Victor, Colorado!

Thanks to all who have participated so far. I really want to give away a great Colorado proud box of goodies so please send me a postcard.

I love duplicates and want to learn a fact or two about where you live. Please Colorado bloggers don't make me send myself a postcard! I will you know!

The sooner all the US states are covered the sooner I give the box to one lucky winner! Let it be you!  You can find my e mail on the blog!


Dogmom Diva said...

Wow, 30..each one of your followers should send you a postcard and then you would probably have most of them...I wish I was heading you have Nevada? will go back and check..
good luck..

VKT said...

I mailed mine today said the Kindergarten teacher overwhelmed with end of the year responsibilities,,,,,so that will be two from NC for you.

sarah said...

where do you send it to? I'm in Canada if that's ok.

Parsley said...

I sent you another from Oklahoma. Let me know when you get it.

Rebecca said...

Wow...what FUN is this! I will have to look and see if you have a PC from Oklahoma. The BEST state in America! (I can say that because I've lived all over...including COLORADO...graduated from HS there!).

Thanks for visiting! I'll be back. Too sweet to stay away!


Tanza said...

Hi Anne,
What a fun post by you !! Soo happy to have found you .. Loving reading your past posts .. I love writing, and putting in word my thoughts !! thanks so much for stopping by, and heres wishing you a wonderful rest of your week-end, hope it's a happy one ~
hugs ~tea~ xo

Anonymous said...

I'll send you a post card from Co as soon as I get home! We are helping another missionary couple with a camp so need to go find a post card !! WIsh I had gotten to your blog earlier. WE were in Grand Junction the past few days and my, the beautiful scenery!!

Could you email me your address so I would have it in my email inbox? THanks!

bee blessed

maryt/theteach said...

Anne, my New York postcard is on its way by snail mail. Thanks for commenting on my Shadow Shot Sunday post! :)