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Friday, May 21, 2010

Piglet On Pink Saturday

I love Piglet! He is a small pink baby pig and Winne's best friend in the A.A. Milne's classic "Winnie the Pooh". He is very small with a shutter and a very timid disposition but he ultimately conquers his fears and appears to be a very brave pink piggy! This is a wonderful children's classic and all of my five children enjoyed the books immensely when they were small. If you have young children please share this tender story with them.

Now that I have shared this precious pink piggy with you please stop by our host Beverly at and make sure you thank her for all her hard work in making this weekly post just a fun event and keeping it so successful!

Then stop by some new faces and say hello. I want to share these new faces today. At least they are new to me! Go see Melissa at I hope this Colorado lady stops in for a visit and decides to send me a postcard! Ha Ha! I am shamelessly plugging my postcard exchange with Colorado goody  box!  But her blog is quite delightful and her pink post is excellent! Ah memories...

Next let's visit Jillian at and wish her a happy anniversary! Go check out her log, it is pretty with all the PS pinks! I love the chandelier! I am drooling! :)


Jillian said...

Well hello and happy PINK SATURDAY! This is an on going love fest with all pinkies at heart. I do hope you'll participate again.

I just love piglet... we have fun here with my little girl (20 months old) and we point out piglet all the time in books because PIGLET IS PINK! :0)

Thank you so much for pointing out my blog...that was very sweet of you!!!!!!!

If you're interested, here is a code you use in the HTML window of the blog edit page

The name of the page

Just simply copy and paste it onto a blank document and save it on your desktop so you will have it every week. To use it just replace what is inbetween the " " with the person's blog URL address. Then type in the name of their page where it says THE NAME OF THE PAGE.

Hope this helps and I hope you don't mind my little lesson!

Thanks again! So sweet!

Bella Rosa Antiques

Jillian said...

Well, it looks like it accepted the code as an actual page. Did it appear as html code in your email message? Sorry for the confusion!


I'll have to email you the code...if you'd like.

Thanks again!


Annesphamily said...

Hi Jillian! I always love any help I can get!

Heart2Heart said...


I love the characters from Winnie the Pooh and Piglet gets my vote for BFF. Great pick for Pink Saturday.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

I love Winnie the Pooh!!

When my boys were babies, their rooms were done in Winnie the Pooh. They even had a Winnie the Pooh crib!!

Thanks for the great memories that your delightful post brought back to me!!



Sherry from Alabama said...

Oh, I just love all the Winnie the Pooh characters, especially Piglet! I have kept all our Pooh books and movies even though my children are grown. I say I am keeping them for future grandbabies, but they're really for me. Happy Pink Saturday!

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

Suzie Button said...

I love all the characters! I am thrilled that now with my little grandbaby Madison, I get to revisit them all again in detail by reading them to her! Happy Pink Saturday! Suzie

Ann said...

Piglet is my all time favorite character in Winnie the Pooh. His little voice is enchanting. Happy PS

Dogmom Diva said...

I love Pooh and especially Piglet, you are much better at finding pinks than I am...

have a great PS


Chatty Crone said...

Oh my goodness - I LOVE pooh and piglet! lOVE, LOVE, LOVE THEM. SANDIE

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Anne,
Piglet is so cute and the perfect pink for Pink Saturday! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend.


CC said...

Oooo, I love pigley and think he's just squeezy and adorable. Happy Pinks and have a lovely weekend.

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Oh, Piglet and Pooh have always been favs of mine and my granddaughters!! Cute PS post!

We've had company all day ~ so I'm just now visiting some of my fav pink posters!!

Angelic Accents

Kiki said...

What a fun and beautiful pink post! fabulous!

Beverly said...

Aha! I found your Pink Saturday post. And, it was worth the hunt.

I love Pooh and his friends. My son used to have a stuffed animal of each of the characters.

Happy Pink Saturday, Anne.