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Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Book Giveaway Win

I am going to post my book pics! My camera has been acting up! I keep getting blurry photos. But I won this amazing giveaway at is an amazing woman who reviews books and does an excellent job! She is so gracious and generous and always giving so many resources to those of us who want and need these things.

The first book is Mother-Daughter Duet. It is a book regarding adult daughters and their mothers. I am going to enjoy this one as I have three girls ages 34, 21 and 18. This will be an excellent book to share as all four of us are avid readers! It will be fun to read and see all we get out of our relationships with each other!

The next book is Real World Parents. Now, I have to tell you, this book may be geared for parents with younger kids and the other day at my office where I work for a busy ENT doctor our Audiologist was calling a patient back for their appointment with her. She asked the child to pick up the toys in our kid area and the mom snaps "We did not make the mess!" and walked back into the clinic. Another patient who happens to be a teacher at a private Lutheran school shot back, "Yeah, and I will sell you some ocean front property in Arizona!" I thought maybe a parent like her could use this book with great advice. But I am a big chicken to approach someone I do not know very well so I will look around and find someone else to share this treasure with. Besides I have many friends with younger kids who can always use a bit of great reading!

Finally, and really my favorite, is a book for men titled "Living Life in the Zone". It is a 40 day spiritual game plan for men. It is perfect because my husband and two sons ages 24 and 16 could use this book for some "guy time".

I am tickled to have won this giveaway and I am always glad to stop by Kat's and see what she is up to reading next! I am not a greedy girl but I love winning and I like increasing my personal library any chance I can get!

Thank you Kat for these wonderful treasures. We have some family reading time to get busy with!

As you can see my camera is much better and I added a quick pic of the hubby and I as he enjoyes his new book too! Thanks again Kat!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your win!! How fun! Sounds like a great little book too!

I love reading- wish I had time lately for it- seems that the only reading I get is looking up how to plant these new plants I have. Moving to Colorado has totally messed me up in the gardening realm! The plants are all different from Southern New Mexico!!

Loved the pic of you and hubs!

bee blessed

Linda said...

Wonderful books! I know you will enjoy them! Love the pic!

Dogmom Diva said...

Wow you hit the motherlode with books, I agree about Kat, I am going to get up there to meet with her one of these days..


Chatty Crone said...

I'm so glad you won those books - they look like intersting reads.