Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Hi! I have been struggling with computer and camera issues. Lots of it is due to stress! Fortunately my hubby, my Sweets, got his older brother out of our house and into rehab! It was amazing how he left him with bag in hand at the emergency room and the hospital quickly dumped him into a rehab center. It is 45 minutes from our house but he needs to get his act together. So pray for Mike.
Then I was sad about the playoffs. I am and always will be a Jay Cutler fan! But my older son is a Packers fan and I have to work for the doctor from Wisconsin so.....
But I was rooting for Mark Sanchz the cutie qb from the Jets! Ah...I won't so into my tirade about the Steelers qb! I am letting that one go!
Thanks Jenny for the tip! I am going to make a fuss with Dell!
I am very late posting my Love is.. and my Spiritual Sunday but check with me tonight so I can hopefully have them up with my Tuesday Show and Tail!
But good news, I had a wonderful and amazing breakfast. My sweet daughter Noelle. her dear hubby "Rogey Bear" and my grandson Colton had   a terrific breakfast Sunday at The Buff. I guess it was featured on one of the Food Network shows but their breakfast fare is terrific! I had a breakfast called the Saddlebags. I ordered mine with ham and the grand had sausage. My son-in-law is a steak n eggs kinda guy and the daughter had a yummy looking skillet. It is an old school restaurant near the CU Boulder campus. So the morning fare is reasonable and the mimosa's and bloody Mary's are amazing! For 99 cents a drink, limit three person, due to college kids, the restaurant is a great place to kick back. The wait is about thirty minutes but well worth it.
In phamily news wer found out this weekend that one of my nephews has a 17 year old daughter. He and his old girlfriend have a 19 year old son and they had a daughter together. They gave her up for adoption and we found out this weekend she wanted to know her phamily. Her name is Chelsea and I know my folks would have been tickled pink to have another great grand in the phamily. My folks had five kids. We had 20 kids between us. Those kids currently have 27 grands and one great grand on the way! Whew! My dad would have been so happy. They folks loved their phamily.
Let me wind this down and add my other posts later today. Love to all of you today and always! Hope your day is terrific!


Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Wow, Anne, you've had quite the week. I'll be praying for Mike and the rest of your family. I think the news about finding out about new family members is amazing. I hope that it will turn out to be a blessing for your family :) :) :) I don't think I'll be watching the Super Bowl at dad might. If he does, then I'll watch and have some knitting with me, too :) :) That breakfast place sounds really GOOD. Have a great week, Anne :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Donnie said...

My goodness what a time you all have had. Congrats on the ups and poor baby on the downs. Have a great evening.