Monday, January 3, 2011


I am trying to get into the swing of the new year. We were swamped at work today and our Audiologist was out. Family emergency. Dr. T's hubby Patrick was taken to the emergency room with a blinding headache. He was sent home. A while later he was unresponsive and the good doctor and her family called an ambulance. He had a blood clot and was transferred to a "trauma I" hospital where he had emergency surgery and is currently stable. I ask that you all pray for this wonderful family. Dr. T. or Koko as she prefers is a sweet and wonderful gal who is my co worker. Her hubby Patrick and his mom  and Koko and Patrick's two kiddos Kira and Kevin are a wonderful family. Please pray that Patrick has a swift recovery and is back on his feet in no time.
In the meantime my niece Holly had a lumpy bumpy on her breast. She is mom to cuties Sean and Sarah and wife to Steve. She was scared and had a biopsy two days after Christmas. She found out today that that darn lumpy bumpy was not breast cancer. Thank goodness and Praise God! Rather something in her thyroid meds that needs to be adjusted. Thanks for all the prayers you put out for her.
My Sweets spent the morning with his brother at the surgery's office. More back surgery in his future. It has been a very difficult road for us with him here. My Sweets loves his brother but his presence has taken a toll on our phamily. He will get the surgery as soon as the doctor can schedule him and get the insurance approval. Then my Sweets told the doctor he needs to go into rehab to recover. We work, our kids work and go to  to school full time so we do not have the means to be a full time care provider here. Please pray. We need to accept this I know and I hate to sound uncaring but it has been very difficult for the six of us and Phil who stays with us. Everyone is always trying to avoid him and he over medicates himself and we have no clue where he hides the meds he was getting from his family doctor and previous surgery. It is a real battle for us as we are all a bunch of plain janes at our house. We don't do anything to harm ourselves and it is difficult to watch someone slowing going down the drain. I just ask for prayer.
On a happier note I seem to be linking into some strange survey and got a nice tutorial from Jenny to help me resolve the problem. This blogging business is puzzling sometime.
I appreciate each and everyone of you and wish you all well in the new year. Thanks for always listening and come back often.
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Anonymous said...

Such a sad way to celebrate the new year. I hope you see some good news soon.

Parsley said...

So sad. But God is good. Hope everything turns out okay.

Chatty Crone said...

I hope and pray it all works out and everyone gets healthy. sandie

Marilyn said...

Sharing and asking for our prayers helps us know how we can help! I've found such dedicated people in the Land of Blog. Best wishes and prayers for all. ♥♫

Mollye said...

Hope today is a peaceful day for you and all of your family. Love you Anne, Mollye

Miss Gracie's House said...

so many trials but He is in His goodness and love.

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

I am prayin' for your dear BIL. You have had a busy year so far haven't ya???

God is good isn't He??? He always comes through for his children.

God bless ya girl and you and your dear family have an extraordinary New Year!!! :o)

☆こっこ☆ said...

Dear Anne and everyone who prayed for us

Thank you so much for your prayer and thoughtfulness. With such a support, my husband got out from ICU 1 week after the emergency surgery. He, Patrick, is home with us now.
He was somewhat challenging himself before this sickness. Now, he is taking things little slowly to make sure he has energy to fight with bigger issue; Recovery.

So sorry for late appreciation. We truly appreciate you all, and thank Anne for asking such a prayer for us.

☆こっこ☆ said...

Sorry.. I didn't know my name would be shown in Japanese. LOL The above comment was from me