Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I wanted to remind everyone that you can remail your Valentine card(s) from many locations. I live in Colorado so normally I use Loveland, Colorado and their remailing postal offer. The local King Soopers/Kroger grocery stores usually have mailing stations at their stores. Unless I am super early it is getting close to February 1st so...I noticed they did not have their stations set up so I sent my Valentine via the US mail in another envelope. The postage was extra but my Sweets will get his Valentine post marked Valentine, Texas. He sent mine through Loveland, Colorado. I am giving you the list I have complied where you can send your Valentine's. There may be a USPS near you listed here.
Valentine, Nebraska 69201
Valentine, Texas 79854
Romance, Arkansas 72136
Loving, New Mexico 88256
Bridal Veil, Oregon 97010
Kissimmee, Florida 32741
Romeo, Michigan 48065
Juliette, Georgia 31046
I can give you more of a background on Loveland. Since 1947 they have participated in the popular Loveland Valentine Postmark Re-mailing program. With the help of senior citizens, the Loveland Post Office remails valentines each year with a unique love postmark.
Besides the LOVELAND postmark, each envelope and postcard is stamped with a LOVELAND postmark and a special Loveland souvenir cachet or art design, and love verse. Each year the community and Chamber of Commerce hosts an annual contest to select the special cachet and love verse.
Just enclose your pre-addressed and pre-stamped  Va;entine's card in a larger envelope and mail it to the address below. Remember to add extra stamps or postage for heavier or odd shaped and square valentines.

Valentine Re-mailing
446 E. 29th Street
Loveland, CO. 80538

Deadlines for re-mailing and delivery by Valentine's Day, February 14th:
Valentine cards/envelopes destined for re-mailing outside of the U.S. to other countries and international destinations should be in Loveland by February 4th.
Valentine cards/envelopes destined for re-mailing within the U.S. and outside of Colorado should be in Loveland by February 9th.
Valentines cards/envelopes destined for re-mailing within the state of Colorado should be in Loveland by February 12.
By the way, Loveland, Colorado has the biggest valentine re-mailing program in the world, but there are other towns/cities which have participate in special Valentine Postmarks. These other are listed above.

I also want to thank LV for helping give me this idea to post these USPS that offer remailing Valentine programs. She told me about Valentine, Texas. Thank you sweet LV. When I started researching this these are the cities I found.


Angela said...

I didn't know that Anne! That is neat! I had no idea about the Valentine program. I did know that some places do the Santa letters like that. I'll have to google to see if West Virginia has a neat place called Love or Valentine!

Thanks for sharing such a neat thing!

Have a Great Day!

Angela said...

I found one Anne! There is a Romance West Virginia! Cool!


Ruth said...

this is so thoughtful of you Anne! Unfortunately there isn't such system here in India...:(

Hope you have a beautiful!!


Unknown said...

What a great idea, I never heard of that! Ilove the whole idea, thanks for the great information. Your blog looks wonderful by the way! Hugs Marilou

Unknown said...

Hi thanks for stopping by, I think I found you from another blog so now I'm following you, I usually try to keep up with my followers first and then when something grabs my eye, I take a peak as there are so many bloggers out in bloggy land, I see you have my old badge on your sidebar, that I noticed, so that got me! Thanks for posting it, Hugs Marilou

CailinMarie said...

I love that Loveland offers this service. We were visiting Colorado one spring and saw that they even name a "queen" of the seasonal event :-)

LV said...

You are welcome on the address. I am not sending any this year. Perhaps one, but will just mail from here. Anyone wanting to use this address location, should get them in the mail right away. The people there are very nice. I have talked with several times in the past.