Thursday, January 13, 2011


Go visit Jenny Matlock here. Tell her I am talking about the nickel. You know, the cute little five cents worth of change. My phamily laughs at me because I have  a canister full of change! When it gets full I wrap those coins and haul them to the bank. I had gotten some cool cash for my trouble. Plus because I live in the Denver metro area I have seen them make nickels at the Denver Mint  Twenty nickels equal one dollar. You can order off the dollar menu at McDonalds or Wendys with a buck. They will even let you count your change! I like money, I love change! I like to save my change. When I was a child my Uncle Louie and Auntie Ang took us kids for bongo bananas at the Dairy Delux (sadly it is now defunct). They took us to the cemeterey. My uncle use to walk ahead of us and drop changes on the ground. We loved going to the cemeterey. We ate mulberries off the trees and collected change. We had fun.  I learned to scout out graves of my relatives. I also loved to fill my piggy bank with change! After my uncle passed away in 1990 I would find pennies on the ground. I started to think my uncle sent those pennies to me from heaven so every time I find a coin on the ground I look upward and thank my uncle for the change! I find mainly pennies but recently I have found a few dimes and nickels. If you research the nickel you will find that it has changed its face from time to time. So start saving your nickels and join the Alphabe Thursday post with Jenny and do something nice with your new friend the nickel!


Jo said...

what sweet memories with your Aunt and Uncle! and I too like to save up all of my change!

Jeanne said...

Hello Anne, I am sorry I have been AWOL. This season was the busiest ever and I have neglected my friends so much. I am back and trying to catch up. I am so happy to hear from you.

Love your nickel post and your story about your uncle and change. I always pick up change if I see it. Even a penny. I too think it is special to pick up a coin and now I will thank your uncle too. BIG smile.

It is LATE and cold outside. Eight degrees. I feel the cold air coming through my wall of windows even though the heat is on. I need to crawl into my electric blanket. HA!
Warm hugs,

Gabe said...

what a fun n post. . .it is amazing how fast that change can add up.

Its fun that you think of your uncle when you find spare coins!

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

What sweet family memories!

A nickel found is a nickel earned, I always say.....

Donnie said...

That sure made my day too. Your uncle left you with a lovely legacy. Hubby says I'm going to get hit in the arse someday bending over for change. I have found bills too so don't pass up any crumpled paper on the ground because so many young people crumple their bills now. Cute post.

Heather said...

I save all my change too! I have gone on vacation and used the money I got from saving change for spending money. I have a nice little bank that I keep all the change in.

Mollye said...

Hey sister.....what a great story! I've seen many people who go bananas when they spot a penny and I always wondered what the big thrill was about and I read from one person that the reason they loved finding pennies is because it is one of the few places remaining where they can read "In God We Trust". Something to think about huh? Love you, Mollye

mrs. c said...

A good friend saves all her change in a jar and then uses it to pay for her vacation. Change is totally under appreciated! Nickels make dollars! Thanks for the reminder.

Angela said...

Hey Anne!

I remember when the new nickel first came out I didn't know that they had changed the face on it. It scared me at first! lol I thought it was counterfeit or foreign! My husband puts all of his change on a drawer when he gets home from work. I roll them up. One time there was $600 worth! I love change too! lol I don't let it get that big anymore though. I'm rolling them up sooner. It takes a long time to roll them up!


Anonymous said...

I always thank my guardian angels whenever I find a coin. What a great N post.


magsmcc said...

I'be been twice to the states. Once on honeymoon to new York, but then to Madison, Indiana for Hallowe'en week- and there I was hooked! It's a while ago now, but I think I'm reliving it most of the time- and I was rapt in fascination by the nickels and quarters and rest. It took most of the week to understand that two sets of vocabulary could be the same set of currency! Love this post!

Jenny said...

Anne! The link worked to your blog. Now we will get you linking to your specific AT post and we'll be all set!

I loved this post. I think it would be fun to go watch nickels being made! They were always my favorite coins as a child.

My parents use to take us to this fourth of July party for quite a few years where they dumped a big bag full of change into spread out bales of straw and then you would scramble to find it. I still remember it and still remember trading my sisters my dimes and quarters for the nickels...hmmm.... I guess I didn't get the best side of those deals - ha!

Thanks for this nifty nickel link this week.

I enjoyed my stop here today.