Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Anniversary Wishes

Brittany and Jeremy celebrated two years of marriage April 30, 2018. Sharing a wedding photo of them and wishing my hubby a Happy Anniversary too. We celebrate 34 years May 3, 2018.
Wedding belles always make me smile:
The longer the marriage the the happier you become.
This seems like yesterday even though it was a long time ago.

 Wise words and I know some of the Scripture is on my parents wedding certificate.

We were all together at the wedding of Jeremy and Brittany in April 2016.
Brody is the latest of our phamily, he is the first son of Jeremy and Brittany and he says Go Rocklies! He is a tiny fellow and has already been to two of the home games.
Brittany and Goofy with Addy and Jeremy at Disneyland last year.
Nick, Avery and Jeremy
Wedding bells for these two in April 2016.


Sandee said...

Our anniversary was last Sunday. April weddings are the very best. Okay, making your marriage work is even better.

Happy Anniversary to everyone that had an anniversary. Big hugs. ♥

Mevely317 said...

Wow ... I can't believe it's been TWO years already!
Both Brittany and you looked exquisite! Love will do that, indeed.