Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The Merry Month of May

May is a good month. I did lose my precious TaTa Rose in May 1986, but otherwise it is a very good month. We were married in May and my favorite Uncle, (late) Louie was born in May as was my  late brother-in-law Gary.
My second blog, which I have never been able to check commenta without losing them shows my TaTa Rose with my Grandmother, her older sister (far right). Her little cottage is in the middle and her wedding photo is on the left.
Uncle Louie was my mom's older brother. He was only surviving brother having lost their dad and their 17 year old brother Tony in a gold mining accident at Victor, Colorado when my mom was 13 and Uncle Louie was 18. He survived having left for a lunch break right before the cave in.  He was a remarkable man, learned how to fly a plane and knew Colorado history backward and forward and everything in between. He was a "Wall Street Wiz" before all the slick  unflattering movies were made. He knew how to chooce a stock and when to keep it or lose it. He called his money "lucky" and always said God had been so very good to him. The more he gave away, the more that came to him. He was married to Ang, my favorite aunt. She was a strong willed woman and she always spoke her mind. She smoked and made almost all of her own clothes. She was a real fashion plate. Matching handbags and shoes and nail polish too. She was my best shopping and lunch buddy. My memories of them are  always filled with wonderful stories and laughter.
Technically these cuties came to live with us in April but my son-in-law Zach took this photo today before work. My girl Lulu (black and white) Thor in the middle and Loki. They are amazing little furry energy balls. They have so many toys, they are incredibly spoiled. Thor and Loki are the twin boys of Rebekah and Zach, the newlyweds.
In Colorado we wait until after Mother's Day to plant because in 2015 and 2016 we had snow storms on Mother's Day. We have the weirdest weather but I would not care to live anywhere else in this big ole world. The sun finds way to shine even on the gloomiest of days.

I love tea and everything associated with it. I also love hats so I am going to post a photo for my Kentucky Derby hat soon. I buy a new hat every year. This year is is green and very much reminds me of Springtime.  I would love to attend the Kentucky Derby but I like to make tea and tea tyme foods. and watch the Derby with my hubby. Last year Nick was graduating so it was the first time in forever that we missed it live. His college graduation was well worth it though.
Here is a very patriotic Derby hat. Some of these hats cost a king's ransom. My daughter Noelle has a friend who is very creative and she attends the Kentucky Derby every year and makes her own hat. I will post my hat at the end of this week.
Alphabet Day for me. Let's see if I can get through the entire alphabet. A is for adorable. Our cute and absolutely adorable grandson Brody Edward appears to be dreaming about milk.  He is so angelic and I wanted to add a second Alphabet and add a place:

A is for Arkansas. My late father-in-law was born there and lived in Arkansas until joining the Navy at age 14 by having a wicked aunt lie to get him out of her house! He and his two siblings, an older sister and younger brother were orphaned when dad was 5, his sister 7 and his brother 3. This is the Arkansas Buffalo NationalRiver. It is America's first designated  national riverf.  It flows freely for 135 miles  and is one of our country's  few remaining undimmed rivers in the lower 48. Though primarily a canoeing venue, the Buffalo River Trail  also provides a backpacking/hiking venue. I can take up a lot of space so I wanted to make this short and sweet. I have not been to Arkansas but it is on my list simply because I would like to see where my father-in-law spent his youth.


Edna B said...

Your photos are lovely. I just love love the photo of the three little fur babies! Oh my, they are just so precious! I enjoy all the history you give us of your family and this country. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Mevely317 said...

What a remarkable man, your Uncle Louie! I love what he said about his 'lucky' money and how God had been so good to him. (And how I love that you keep his legacy alive!)

I've not dressed for the Derby before ..... but there's no time like the present, no? Come to think of it, I've an old Red Hatter hat in the guest room. I can't wait to see yours!

Happy Wednesday, Anne!

Beverly said...

I really enjoyed readying your post Anne. I love the month of May. Your new grandson is precious. We got to visit Churchill downs and the museum there right after the Derby several years ago. It was so interesting. My father in law is also from Arkansas. We spent a summer in Little Rock when hubby played baseball, but I had two babies so didn’t see much there except ballgames. Ha!

Sandee said...

I'm glad May holds fond memories for you. The past as well as the present. I always enjoy reading about your family.

Have a fabulous day. Big hugs, my friend. ♥♥♥

Intense Guy said...

The Derby will soon be here!!!

I'd love to see you in that hat at Churchill Downs!