Wednesday, May 2, 2018

B is For...

I will continue my Alphabet Day post. "B" might not seem like a fantastic choice to everyone but I choose "babies". We have lots of babies in this crazy phamily. I am very much my father's daughter. He loved phamily, he adored children and he truly loved babies. When my dad was  a teen, my dad's older sister, Auntie Gela, told me a story that he came home, crying. When my grandmother asked him why he said the neighbor baby died. She said you aren't related to him ,why are you so sad? My dad answered because I love babies! I love babies too. I had lots of children so I always felt like I was very good at the job. My mother use to say God blessed me with healthy children who were beautiful and a good husband and I should always be grateful for those gifts. Even today I remember her words and am grateful and happy. The google image is an Anne Geddes baby, I remember seeing her baby photos all over labor and delivery rooms for a while.
This cutie belongs to our phamily too. She is Layla Rayne and my niece Kate and her husband Jason have two older children, Ari and Zander.  My sis doesn't like photos so she showed this shot of Layla smiling which is what she does most of all. Plus snuggle. My kinda girl. She is a week younger than Brody, our grandson.
Here's a double B for you! Benjamin James, the son of our grandson Andrew and  Tarrah. He is a sweetheart. A boy who looks exactly like his sweet mom. It's funny because his two older brothers look exactly like their dad. Genetics!

The second half of my Alphabet Day is B for Boise, Idaho! I chose it simply because my life long friend Karen currently lives there and I have never been. Because I was always good in geography Karen and her husband  Chris and their daughter Katherine moved to Boise in 1990. Her older sister lived there and they liked the lay out of the city and the mountains near by. They still live there and their daughter is in Seattle, married and working for the university. Since their daughter married an only child also, they are going to move to Oregon when Karen retires.  They became really good friends with their son-in-laws parents and plan to move near them.
 A photo of the Boise River noted for water sports. Boise is the largest city in the state and also the state capital.
Before I sign off, B is also for Bucket List. I don't have a huge one but the first two letters of the Alphabet that I chose might be on my bucket list. I have another idea for my future posts on the letters C through Z!


Intense Guy said...

B is for Babies! Excellent choice!

Mevely317 said...

Both Layla and Benjamin look so happy to be here! ... and why not? I think today is National Baby Day. :)))

Edna B said...

Such beautiful babies! I love them too. I also love baby animals. There's nothing like a baby's breath on your cheek. You have a super day, hugs, Edna B.